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GoPro Hero 4 Black with LCD or Silver?

06 January 2015 - 03:49 PM

I am about to buy a new gopro and not sure whether to get the black with a LCD bacpac  or the silver which comes with the LCD screen. I have been using a GoPro Hero 2 with bacpac until recently when I lost it.

I have access to a significant discount with GoPro, so the $79 LCD cost is not an issue. Just trying to figure out if I want to deal with the bulkier 4 + LCD. Seems like the only benefit would be 4K at 30fps.

Anybody here had to go through the same choice? What did you get and are you happy about it?

Although I won't be able to use the touch screen while diving, so you know if on the silver I can control using buttons but still go through menu options on the LCD?

Would love to get some opinions.