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In Topic: Lens choice for Maldivian current diving

08 November 2013 - 08:13 AM

There are without doubt much more experienced south Maldives divers than me that can chime in, but for what it is worth, I was down there on a two weeks trip in April. I used my EF 8-15 fisheye with a 1,4 extender, and that was almost to wide for the encounters I had. The sharks certainly did not come close enough to even consider using the 8-15 bare. I used no strobes on the shark dives. On one dive, a group I wasn´t following seemed to get close encounters, but as none had a camera in that group, it is hard to evaluate how close the sharks actually were. With regard to the current, we used reef hooks on the shark dives, and there would have been no real issues using the strobes if the sharks had come close enough.

On more reefy dives though, the 8-15 bare was fine. There are some amazing hard coral formations there that are worth doing. And some turtles that could´t care less about people.

Cheers, Bent

In Topic: Macro 60 or 105mm on a D800 + (maybe) TC 14-EII or TC-20EIII

14 July 2013 - 11:43 PM

I am shooting Canon and have used more or less all the EF macros. If I had to choose one single lens it would without doubt be the 100 mm. In rainforest it gives you a little bit more distance, and underwater it is easier to get tight close ups. So I'd suggest the 105 and er the 60 later.

In Topic: Spare Body or not

22 May 2013 - 08:48 AM

The one time I totalled a camera was on the first day of a live aboard. There was no way of getting hold of another camera, so I had to spend a week of diving cool places without any pics at all. A couple of my friends were as productive as ever, with no camera problems. I have never travelled without a spare camera since then. The added security it gives is way more worth it to me than the cost of adding the spare. And, as others have already mentioned, doing a bit of topside shooting is hard work without an extra camera. Drew´s advice os good, if you don´t want to or cannot afford to spend on another dslr, get something worthwhile using.

In Topic: Staying Connected -Hot Shoe Attachments

15 May 2013 - 05:24 AM

On all Ikelites I have used it has been a problem. I have used a piece of eraser rubber cut to fit between the back plate of the housing and the hot shoe. However, on the Nauticam I use now, I use optical wiring and have never had a problem.

In Topic: Red Anthozoan in Lembeh

24 April 2013 - 01:23 AM

I discovered that this is the night anemone, Phyllodiscus semoni. A very interesting anemone with a seriously nasty sting. It mimics stony corals during the day then extends its mouth to feed at night.

That is cool, Nick. Last time I was in Lembeh I dove Police pier with an italian guy that had published a book on dangerous marine creatures, and we where looking for the night anemone there. As far as I understand it, the sting is really quite dangerous and can lead to renal failure. Also, as far as I understand it, it is by night, when it extends its central column to feed, that it is dangerous.