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In Topic: B&W Images of a pod of Long Beaked Dolphins

09 October 2006 - 02:45 PM

Nice; how did you do the B&W conversion? This always interests me to see how different folks do it. I have not decided for sure yet which is my favorite way, but I think it is using channels in PS.

For the B&W images - I use a number of different methods. The one that tends to work best and is the first method I try is (Photoshop instructions below):
1. Change to LAB color space
2. Choose the a channel only
3. Convert to GreyScale (discard color information)
4. Duplicate the background layer
5. Change new layer to Multiply
6. Change Opacity of layer until I like it
7. Flatten image
8. Increase contrast

I also use Craigs Actions plug ins B&W convertor, especially if I want to stay in the RGB color space and add color back into the image at a later date.


In Topic: Sardine Run, Wetpixel Trip

23 July 2006 - 06:15 PM

I was there as well.... Just so far behind in getting images processed that I only just got a chance to go through the first couple of days so far....

This was the first Humpback breach that was in photo range

Posted Image

I'll get to the underwater images sometime... ah... it will either happen this week or maybe August. Probably August