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Bill Bradley

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EOS1Ds Mk2 & strobes in Seacam. Full working setup.

18 March 2008 - 03:44 PM

Superb gear. Reason for sale, upgrade to Mk3.

Canon EOS1Ds Mk2 full frame 17mp camera with 2GB CF memory, spare battery, twin charger etc. (Perfect condition).
Canon 17-40mm L series lens. with zoom gear. (Perfect).
Canon 14mm wide angle rectilinear L series lens. (Tiny dent to shroud).
Seacam housing with two S6 strobe connectors. Recently serviced, all new o rings etc. (Insignificant scuffs).
Seacam 12inch Superdome. (Small scratch to dome. Light scuffs to shrouds).
Seacam S180 viewfinder. (Perfect).
Seacam PVL-25 port extender. (Perfect).
Two Ikelite DS-125 strobes and cables with S6 adapters. One spare cable. Charger. (Slight scuffs).
Two 12 inch and two 8 inch Seacam strobe arms with 2 Ultralite and 4 Seacam clamps. Two Ultralite arm bases. (Insignificant modification).

Observe results from this setup at http://www.photoboxg....com/aquascopic

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