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29 March 2014 - 09:25 PM

You have probably found what you are after but check this out if you have not check this system http://wetpixel.com/...showtopic=52444

In Topic: For Sale: Hugyfot 5DII housing with 3 Hugyfot Ports + 3 Extensions

29 March 2014 - 08:36 PM

Price has been reduced to USD $2500.


I have priced some additional spares, to replace the pitted splitter bulkhead is 161Euro.  The current one still works, but you could get a spare which could easily be changed in the field.


This is a great system for someone.


Last chance before I put it on ebay.

In Topic: For Sale: Hugyfot 5DII housing with 3 Hugyfot Ports + 3 Extensions

16 March 2014 - 05:59 AM

Still for sale.

In Topic: For Sale: Hugyfot 5DII housing with 3 Hugyfot Ports + 3 Extensions

23 February 2014 - 08:12 AM

Also include manual, Hugyfot Towel.


If you are passing through Hong Kong I can meet you and you can test all the gear.

Might also sell my Inon Z240's but only after selling the housing.

If I don't sell it the next week or so, I might get a new flash port and advertise on eBay.


Price reduction to USD$2,500 or Euro1,820 or GBP1,500 (excluding shipping, customs, etc).

In Topic: For Sale: Hugyfot 5DII housing with 3 Hugyfot Ports + 3 Extensions

22 February 2014 - 12:22 AM

Just to clarify a few things.

Price is $2900 + shipping via (Fedex, DHL - needs to be signed for.  Can pay via Paypal)

This is a great deal.  The housing has been well used, and has performed extremely well, it is really a great piece of engineering.

The Heinrich TTL circuit (6.687) is fantastic and a lot of other brands of housing don't have anything this, for Hugyfot it is an option which was extra and cost me (USD$271), the backup TTL board option is a different simpler flash controller V2.1 product number 6.827 (I paid $134).

I have tried to show every blemish in great detail so that you know exactly what you are getting.

The pitting on one of the ports looks a bit rough, but in reality it works fine.  If it worries you remember you really only need one Nikonas 5 pin port, and this housing has two 5 pin ports, if you are still worried you should know you can easily replace this part yourself.

The scratches on the top viewing area are invisible in water, I have taken the photo in a light that makes them look much worse than they actually are.

The scratches on the backup dome are very small and particularly shallow for the central ones, underwater they are insignificant. If you wanted you could probably polish them out.

I have just been testing everything to make sure it is all working and I noticed that the HugyPump takes a bit longer to pump out the air than it used to, so I will include a hand pump which only takes 3 or 4 pumps to get a vacuum so that the green light comes on. I Left it overnight and there are as usual no leaks. That is what is so great about this housing, you pump it down about thirty minutes or so before a dive, and so long as the vacuum holds the green light stays on.  If the vacuum drops then it starts flashing red, so you know before even start the dive whether you have a leak.

A new 5DMKII housing alone now costs USD$3,300 and all the other options I have offered here cost me around another (USD2,700).

So all up this kit I cost me around USD$6,000K and a lot of the items are used but in close to perfect condition.

For the fisheye dome ports (product number 6.608 25/D 174) (I paid USD$530 each => USD$1,060)
The macro Flat Port (6.607 -L 90/D 100) cost me USD$237
The spacers cost around USD$165 each 3 x $165 = $495
Heinrich TTL option $271
Extra handle cost me $107.
The vacuum assembly is $118
Flash Connection 5 pin $118
Gearing $77
etc etc as above

I have offered all this at a good price as my preference is to sell everything together.