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For Sale: Hugyfot 5DII housing with 3 Hugyfot Ports + 3 Extensions

20 February 2014 - 12:33 AM

I am selling a full kit for Hugyfot 5DII housing, 2 x 8" dome ports (product number 6.608), 1 x Hugyfot Macro port, extensions 20mm, 40mm, 50mm.
Also the Hugycheck system, TTL circuitry and extra handle.
I also have spare backup TTL flash Controller Board, and Spare Canon Flash Shoe  (i.e. spares so that if I ever had a problem on a trip I could replace things and keep going, but I never had a problem, so these are still in their packaging.)

The housing ships with the 2 sync ports. I have a spare third port (which could be used to run an external monitor or for a sound feed, etc).

The hardware for all of these is from the factory and will be included (see attached images). Also some spares O-rings included.

Also have a jumper switch for adjusting the Hugycheck system for high altitude.

I have really enjoyed using this housing it has been reliable, and easy to use.
I have been careful to wash everything thoroughly after each use and it is all good.

There are minor scuff marks on the base of the housing (see images below).

One of the sync ports has a some pitting, but still works fine (see images below taken with 105 macro). The other sync port has minor pitting, see below.

One of the domes has some small scratches (see macro images below) which in my opinion are small enough to not make any difference. In any case they could probably be polished out, I haven't bothered because I travel with a spare dome, which is close to perfect as far as I can see (see images below).
The flat port is also close to perfect (see images below).

This is an adaptable collection of accessories to use many different lenses, I have used Canon fisheye 15mm, Canon 14mm, 16-35mkII, 105mm macro...etc

List of inclusions:

2 x 8" Hugyfot domes  (product number 6.608, including neoprene dome covers)
1 x Hugyfot flat macro port
3 x Hugyfot to Aquatica port adaptor
1 x Hugyfot 20mm extension
1 x Hugyfot 40mm extension
1 x Hugyfot 50mm extension
1 x Zoom gear for the 16-35mm lens
1 x Spare 6.627 TTL Flash Controller (unused)
1 x Spare 6.791 Flash Canon Flash Shoe (unused)
1 x Plastic spanner for lock nuts on handles,
1 x Spare Housing O-ring
1 x Spare Port O-ring
1 x Leak alarm
1 x Hugycheck pump
1 x hugycheck system
2 x allen keys
1 x single hand Hugyfot grip
1 x cover for housing port
3 x port covers (as per images)
2 x spare batteries

This is a really well designed system, and this package includes plenty of spares and options.

Any questions let me know.

Asking Price USD $2,900

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These scratches are basically invisible underwater.

Attached File  _70A6451.jpg   61.93KB   39 downloads

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This is the dome with 3 areas with small scratches

Attached File  _70A6410.jpg   67.41KB   40 downloads


These scratches are shallow, but close to the middle of the dome

Attached File  _70A6434.jpg   60.53KB   43 downloads

Attached File  _70A6431.jpg   65.38KB   39 downloads


This scratch is towards outside of dome.

Attached File  _70A6492.jpg   70.1KB   37 downloads


Hugycheck jumper next to spanner for scale

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