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ULCS arms and clamps a problem in carry-on?

20 January 2013 - 01:45 PM

trying to distribute my packing and was wondering if the TSA folks would view ULCS double ball arms and clamps as an issue?

thx in advance

can someone ID this synch cord?

19 January 2013 - 12:03 PM

I was looking for some help identifying this synch cord so I could re-sell it on ebay.

It was labeled as S&S 17100 - nikon connector for S&S housing to inon strobe, but this is not what it is.

both ends appear to be the same and there are 5 pins on each side. The ends fit in the strobe, but not the housing.

I wanted to get it correctly ID'd before trying to sell it.


need some help S&S MDX-D300 and port combos and use cases

02 November 2012 - 10:54 AM

Hi....doing some upgrades and considering expanding use cases for my existing Nikon D300/S&S MDX-D300 setup and need some confirmation of port/extension combos before I start spending money.

I have Nikon 10.5mm and Nikon 12-24mm lenses. I have the S&S NX Fisheye Dome port (acrylic, large dome, NOT compact)

a) CFWA or WA Macro

I would like to put a teleconverter behind the 10.5mm to try some of really cool "macro" shots that you all have been doing. By itself, the 10.5mm works great with my NX dome. I assume if I put a Kenko 1.4TC behind it, I will need to put a port extension on the NX dome. Is that true? If so, which one? One educated guess said it looked like the S&S SX extension would do the trick.

Can anyone confirm or let me know what they use?

b) Improving Performance of 12-24mm:

As many have noted, the 12-24mm seems to have soft corners when use without "aids" in the NX dome. I have searched, but I can't seem to pin down a consensus over what combination of port extensions and/or diopters are needed.
-Port Extension Only (and which one)?
-Diopter Only (and which one)?
-or port extension and diopter combo (which ones?)

I have seen suggestions of SX extension only/no diopter; I have seen 40mm extension w/ +4 diopter; and I think a +4 or +2 diopter only.

Any thoughts? (I just hope then answer isn't "any of the above...maybe") ;-)

thx for your time