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In Topic: Review of the new Nauticam wet wide angle lens WWL-1

17 September 2015 - 12:15 AM


Do you need to change the front port to the Short port N50?

I'm using Nauticam G7X,

In order to use Inon UWL 100 28ad, I need to use Nauticam short port N50.

If i keep using the Standard port from Nauticam G7X, it will be vignetted.


How about this new wide angle lens?

It would be nice if i dont need to buy the Nauticam short port N50




In Topic: Inon 2000 or z240 for macro

15 September 2015 - 12:24 AM

I'm sorry, i was not clear on the last quote.

What i mean by "Quality" of the light is;

Before I'm using Canon G7X, i was using Nikon D3X (SeandSea housing) and S&S YS 90dx.

I wasn't too happy with the macro picture from that combo.

I think the flash was too harsh.

Then I bought S&S YS250.

The result was so much better. the light is "softer" more natural. (maybe do to the ring tube of the flash at YS 250 ?? I really hv no idea)


Today, i don't want to experience the same thing.

I have never tried inon flash before.


However, looking at your anemone's crab picture, I think it's nice :)  (Nice picture bro ^_^)


OK... i think I know what to buy now



Thank a lot guys



In Topic: Inon 2000 or z240 for macro

13 September 2015 - 05:53 PM

Hi Tim, Hi Manta Ray

Thank you for the advices

you both are right... basically If I buy inon S2000, I cant shoot wide-angle.

I Live at Indonesia (Lampung-Sumatra Island)

The Visibility in my place is not good. i think it's only around 3-5M

Shooting wide-angle is almost impossible here (the reef condition is bad... due to Blast fishing/dynamite fishing)

I can only enjoy underwater wide-angle photography IF i'm on vacation to Bali :laugh:

However, I'm really corious about the light quality from Inon S2000.

Is it the same with Inon Z240 ?


Thank You