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In Topic: Inon Z240 cannot "see" red light signal from Nauticam LED flash trigger?

Yesterday, 12:23 AM

Is the lower right button on the Z240 in the ‘IN’ position?


I tested the housing with my Type 4 Z240s before it went to you and it was fully functional, can you check the button on the strobe?



In Topic: WTB: Nauticam RX100 M3 housing

19 May 2016 - 04:27 AM

I do, but it’s new :)

In Topic: Dumaguete, Philippines

10 May 2016 - 09:11 AM

I like it a lot. There was a question mark over how animals would react to the laser but I offset it by a few mm from the critter to prevent any issue.

In Topic: Dumaguete, Philippines

09 May 2016 - 11:15 AM

Apo Island Nikon D7200, Tokina 10-17

8. 26188224504_2ed465a702_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm, Noodilab Moby, F29, 1/200
9. 26793174015_9a93c8c39d_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm Noodilab Moby
10. 26188235094_a2d99e0496_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm, F11, 1/200
11. 26851007356_3c35d15c16_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm F11, 1/10
12. 26520910600_2cbe2c4aee_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm, F22, 1/200
13. 26188246614_a43400e1db_c.jpg
D7200, 105mm, F22, 1/200
14. 26793176705_1d1b35780e_c.jpg
Small Frog D7200, 105mm VR, SMC
15. 26765835841_ae6d390939_c.jpg

In Topic: The World Shootout Competition

29 March 2016 - 12:54 PM

The petition itself, whilst having arisen from the above events, is about the bigger picture. Much more interesting than the number of people signing up are the comments and debates that are happening and it seems to be evolving in a direction for the greater good.


I’ve had three reputable resorts in key macro hot spots say how useful such posts are to help them show their guides that not everyone wants them to move subjects around. I find that most heartening. 


For sure, it’s a small cause when compared to current coral bleaching concerns, plastics and polluants in the oceans, and unsustainable overfishing, but it is a valid one.