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140mm minidome on Nikon D750 FX format

11 December 2014 - 08:31 PM

Hello all,
I’ve just come back from an Alex Mustard workshop in Raja Ampat where I was predominately using a 140mm minidome on the D750. I was using it with the Sigma 15mm and sometimes with the 1.4x Kenko teleconvertor. I have to say that it has changed the way I think about FX underwater as I love the practicality of minidomes but did not want to compromise on quality. I am very pleased with the corner sharpness of the 140mm even up to F7.1 with the Sigma 15mm. Here are some images taken with the minidome.
1. D750, Sigma 15mm, F9, 1/60, ISO 500, 140mm minidome
2. D750, Sigma 15mm, F11, 1/60, ISO 500, 140mm minidome
3. On peut s’approcher très proche au subjet avec le minidome
D750, Sigma 15mm, F11, 1/125, ISO 320, 140mm minidome
4. Boo window, D750, Sigma 15mm, F9, 1/60, ISO 500, 140mm minidome
5. Boo window, D750, Sigma 15mm, 11, 1/80, ISO 320, 140mm minidome
6. CFWA with the Kenko 1.4x, D750, Sigma 15mm, Kenko 1.4x, F11, 1/80, ISO 320, 140mm minidome
7. CFWA with the Kenko 1.4x, D750, Sigma 15mm, Kenko 1.4x, F9, 1/80, ISO 320, 140mm minidome
8. Nemo school, D750, Sigma 15mm, 11, 1/80, ISO 320, 140mm minidome
I hope you enjoy seeing them even half as much as I did taking them. 

Lightly used Nauticam EM1 and EM10 housings for sale

09 November 2014 - 01:54 AM

Used on about 30-40 dives each, very good condition, two scratches on EM10 rear window but nothing serious. Cameras also available if needed.


UK/France based


NA-EM1- £1100

NA-EM10 - £750


Both will come with a year warranty.

FIX Neo Blue light testing in the Red Sea

13 July 2014 - 08:36 AM

Hello, I took a FIX Neo Blue light to the Red Sea last week and using just this and the yellow lens filter got some interesting results. All were taken with the Nauticam NA-EM10 with Olympus EM10 and the 60mm Olympus macro lens ISO around 640.









Lens for mid-size animal portraits on 5D3

29 April 2014 - 05:26 AM

Hi all,


I wonder what people are using as a lens of choice falling between the 100mm macro and the 8-15 Fisheye.


Thanks in advance


Nauticam SMC in Puerto Galera

19 March 2014 - 10:15 PM

Hello all,
Just returned from a Photo workshop I was running in the Philippines. I didn’t take the 105mm macro off my D7100 for 9 days. Here are some results with the outrageously strong and sharp Nauticam SMC. Mostly uncropped.