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GH4 4K setting

29 April 2014 - 09:41 PM

Hi dear all,

Please kindly advice me regarding these question:


1.Which 4K file format you prefer to film 4K? MP4(LPCM) or MOV ? What is the big diferent between?


2. Regarding Ninja 2 connected with GH4, Ninja 2 only support GH4 with setting as AVCHD(FHD/17M50i), to allow video signal to appear on Ninja 2 monitor. Otherthan that ,the Ninja 2 monitor just appear black, withGH4 video file format setting as MP4,MP4(LPCM),MOV, is that right?


3. I can only use Ninja 2 as a field recorder to record ProResHQ video,with GH4 video setting as AVCHD(FHD/17M50i),

but with HDMI Rec Ouput , should I choose 4:2:2 8 bit, or 4:2:2 10 bit,

I understand that when HDMI Rec Output set at 4:2;2 10 bit, I cannot film 4K internally at GH4.

But as long as when I shoot 4K, I need to go back to menu to reset the video file format from AVCHD (which is for Ninja to function) to MOV or MP4(LPCM), then why not choose a higher bit rate output format.


Any advices are really appreciated !!









For sale: 15cm micro HDMI cable for BMPCC Nauticam housing

25 April 2014 - 08:10 AM


A very hard to find 15cm micro HDMI straight+90 degree cable.
This cable is for BMPCC Nauticam housing and it is not the original cable from Nauticam.
I custom order it to fit into my BMPCC housing and I can sell to other who need one for replacement or as spare.
Price is US$10 per cable, regular air postage by Hong Kong Post is included.
Express postage on demand at extra cost by quote.
Accept Paypal only.
Thank you.


BMPCC underwater filming setting

21 February 2014 - 07:16 PM


Reefnet magnifier, old version

16 November 2013 - 04:03 PM


I am selling two old version,Reefnet magnifier, without mount.

These two Reefnet magnifier were the old version from Reefnet.

Not sure the magnification power but produce super nice underwater image.

You need to find a holder to use it or you can DIY one for yourself.

Both lens were used quite a lot , mounted externally on a dome port of mine. So there is quite a lot obvious sign of usage.

Those scatch appear do not affect the image underwater, or you can try polish it with special lens polish kit.

I am selling it together and will not sell it individually.

Quite a nice small pieces of lens.


My price, 70 Euro for two, not include shipping cost from Hong Kong. Accept Paypal only.

Thank you.


10 Bar wet mount M67 wide angle with dome port

16 November 2013 - 03:52 PM


I am selling a set of 10 Bar wet mount M67 wide angle with dome port,and shade

For your reference, 10Bar WC-M67 F10  retail price 366.8 Euro

10Bar P-M104 x 125D dome port retail price 586.87


The wide angle was fitted into the dome from day one, so the lens surface is 100% clear.

THe dome do have a surface mark but do not affect the image underwater.

The whole set was used for one dive trip, only very very little cosmetic sign of usage.

I am selling this as a whole set, will not seperate it and will not sale individually.


My price, whole set, 350 Euro only, not include shipping cost from Hong Kong. Accept Paypal only.

Thank you.