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In Topic: Inon z240 strobe failures and sea and sea ttl convertor III

30 October 2007 - 01:21 AM

Is there any news about the strobe failures? I'm very interested in this thread because I'm currently a owner of a D200 with 2x Z240. I'm currently using the Sea and Sea housing and I'm looking for a TTL converter. I've been looking around at the heinrich external converter and the sea and sea converter. I'm still decided if it's worth getting one and which one to get.

When the converter did work, did it work well with the Z240?

In Topic: New Sea&Sea TTL Converter Compatibility List

25 April 2007 - 02:09 AM

I had tested the D2X previously with the original converter and the D2X would do a full dump with no preflsahes, no TTL. I just tested D2X with the converter II and had the same results. Strobe used was a YS-90DX.

In testing the Inon strobes with the Sea and Sea converter and D200, I was getting preflashes and
the compensation dial was stepping the exposure up and down accordingly, but the exposure was overexposed when the converter was set to zero. This test was conducted in our photo booth where we do our product shots for the website. (The boss won't let me go out and dive all day! :) )The Z240 in identical controlled conditions as the YS-90 had a brighter exposure than the YS-90. I know others have posted on this site that they are getting good results with the Z240 and the Sea and Sea TTL converter, but I want to share my results when comparing 2 different strobes in identical shooting conditions.

I've been shooting with a D200 with YS-90 strobes and the converter in both Sea and Sea and Subal housings with the 105VR for macro and the TTL has been spot on. However, I still prefer manual for wide angle.

Hope this helps sort out the TTL confusion. ;)


I already have two Z240. I'm wondering if I should be getting the converter II. If the Z240 is consistently overexposing, i should be able to compensate with the dials right? So you think it's worth getting the converter?

In Topic: black background macro shots?

12 April 2007 - 11:12 AM

Good advice above. I use a little different technique. I up the shutter a little and drop the stop a little to but I use the tilt of the camera more so. Tilt the camera up and allow the light to come in, lilt the camera down and not allow that light to come in.

These two shots are from the same day and one after another, a guest asked me the same question you did and these are what I shot to show her. The settings are exactly the same on both images, the only difference is that the blue background is tilted up and nothing in the background to block the blue water and produce the nice blue and the black background is the camera tilted down and I moved slightly to line up a coral head in the background so I'd get black, practice a little with the tilting, it's the easiest.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Wow, that's great technique you got there! I'll definitely have to try that out. I usually use the shutter speed to control the background and the aperture to control the subject. I find that it gives the most consistent result.
But getting a blue background is definitely interesting!!! Great photos. I'll have to try this out next time!

Now the only problem... Have to arrange my next dive trip!!!!!

In Topic: New Sea&Sea TTL Converter Compatibility List

21 March 2007 - 07:50 AM

Woops, yes I meant STTL (had to pull out my Z-240 to confirm that...). But the exposure dial (ev controller) is set at "TTL" or 9 o'clock position.

Thanks a lot!!! I'll have to borrow my friend's converter II to test this out!!!
I'm looking forward to TTL underwater!!!


In Topic: New Sea&Sea TTL Converter Compatibility List

21 March 2007 - 07:36 AM

you put the Z-240's power dial to TTL, set the exposure dial to "TTL" (9 oclock position) and make sure the magnet button is pushed in.

The power dial only seems to have OFF, STTL, LOW, AUTO, M, FULL...
Do you mean STTL?

Thanks heaps!!!