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Digital Rig For Sale - Altogether or Separate

25 July 2009 - 01:11 PM

Hi everyone,

I am selling my underwater camera setup that this forum helped me put together about six years ago. Everything has been used gently during this time and is still in great shape. This is a good setup for those just starting out or looking to upgrade to something a step below a DSLR. I would like to sell everything together, but will consider offers on individual components.

Olympus 5050 (5MP camera - dated but takes great pictures and has manual controls) with all accessories (case, batteries, charger, strap, lens cover, etc.)
PT-015 housing - made specifically for the 5050
Custom arm attachment - I had a machinist make a custom attachment for the housing so I could attach two strobe arms to it. The base is powder coated red.
Wide angle lens - screws on to the outside of the PT-015 housing

TLC Arms - multiple sections for use with two strobes, with one grip that attaches to the custom base.

2 YS-90DX Sea & Sea Strobes - Both work fine. One is indistiguishable from a new strobe. The other I bought used on eBay and has light scuffs. The one I purchased from eBay takes a little longer to turn on for some reason, but both work the same once on (same recycle time, battery life, power, etc.).
2 Sea & Sea fiber optic cables - connects to the camera to allow syncing with the preflash.
2 Sea & Sea strobe diffusers - white plastic filters to give a softer light to the strobe

Pelican case - the foam has been tailored to fit the camera, strobe, arms, WA lens and accessories.

I also have lots of extra o-rings and lubricant for the housing and strobes.

I live in San Diego and would be happy to show the equipment in person if desired. Of course, I will also send any pictures along that are requested.

Putting a price on all of this is challenging since I haven't been in market to buy equipment in years. If you are interested in purchasing the entire setup, I will part with it for $1,200 / obo. This is essentially placing some value on the strobes, arms, and the Pelican case and little value on the rest (I think). If you are interested in individual components, send me an offer and I will consider it.

Just send me a PM or email to communicate.


Links to equipment:
Strobes: http://www.seaandsea...90dx/index.html
Fiber optic cable: http://www.bhphotovi...Sync_Cable.html
Fiber optic cable retaining ring: http://www.bhphotovi..._Retaining.html
Strobe diffuser: http://www.bhphotovi...or_YS_27DX.html
Camera: http://www.olympusam...ails.asp?id=890
Housing: http://www.olympusam...uct.asp?id=1407
Arms (pretty much the setup with an attachement for the Sea & Sea strobes): http://www.bhphotovi...20_Arm_Kit.html
WA lens: http://www.bhphotovi...Conversion.html
Case (mine in black): http://www.pelican.c...php?Case=iM2400
Description of the tray: http://wetpixel.com/...art=#entry13078

Post where I detail how much I paid for everything! (except the case a few misc. things): http://wetpixel.com/...art=#entry12147