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In Topic: underwater photos...

06 October 2006 - 07:44 AM

I like the coral in the middle, the other two need some more light on them, are you using a strobe or just natural light?


Hi luiz, i havent get myself a strobe yet. hmm.. still doing research which are the more affordable and good one. i was using natural light for all 3 pictures, but was trying diff mode to shoot.. only 3 out of hundred pictures that can "showcase" here, ha... you have alots of good pictures from your site... what do i need to take note when i have no strobe but using natural light?


In Topic: SP-350 Update

18 August 2006 - 04:58 AM

hi ce4jesus & Larry C,

I am really new to this.. but i think it good to seek for advises from you guys since you guys have been using sp-350 and the results seems really good...

I have finally purchased my first ever digital camera, and bought sp-350, since everybody seems have good review for this camera... i have many questions to ask.. and hope i can improve my knowledge from here.. :)

i havent test my 350 in the water yet.. but was thinking the problem to store the camera and the housing... wondering do you guys keep your camera in a dry box? and do we need to take out the o-ring for the housing when we store the housing... do we need to unscrew the ttl cap to clean the small o-ring too?

sorry, that my questions might sound stupid.. but i am really new to this... i have been using point and shoot kind of film camera for all this while.... and really new to this sp-350, which let us to play around with the setting... but i really don't know how.. any things that i need to look up for?

thank you very much if any one of you guys can share your experience... :blink:

In Topic: UW digital housing for lumix LX1?

25 June 2006 - 07:42 AM

You may want to post this under the digital /housing threads-as this is the film thread.Mark


ah.. thank you!!! :lol: