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In Topic: Expose to the right?

03 June 2015 - 02:50 AM

The information stated here so far is correct, but what I feel is the most important reason for "ETTR" was not mentioned, and that is digital noise. We all know the limited light conditions underwater, and the inherent problem of underexposure. When digital information is underexposed, chips will strain to record information in the deeper values, and in doing so will produce digital noise. This noise is intensified as you move darker on the value scale. The theory of "exposing the right" gives more light to the shadow areas, thus reducing digital noise in the darker values. In post production, one has the ability to darken the shadow areas or the entire image. Reducing luminosity will not increase digital noise. Conversely, brightening an underexposed file will intensify the digital noise in an image. There is a great book out there for those interested in reading. The Digital Negative by Jeff Schewe. In my opinion, Jeff Schewe is a true digital guru, so much that Adobe hires him as a consultant. Best, Hal www.silvermanstudio.com