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Reef House or Coco View in Roatan???

07 November 2015 - 04:53 AM

Going in Jan-Feb 2016. Trying to decide between the two. Know that both have great reps. Reef House sounds a little rougher on meals with not much choice, but a wider variety of dive sites. CCV: I'm concerned about the number of dives that we'd do on the house reef. Appears that they dump you off for the second dive every AM and possibly in the PM. Would end up doing up to 50% of dives on the house reef. Is it THAT good? I prefer macro/super but will carry WA/dome stuff.


Any other comments are welcome. I'll be traveling solo.


Background. D7000/Aquatica with YS-D1 strobes. Have dove all over the world, many trips to Indo, Phily, Fiji, etc. plus most places in the Caribbean. Due to back problem, no longer doing long haul flights. Staying in the western hemisphere for now.