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D800 / Subal strobe synch speed problem.

28 April 2013 - 01:41 AM

I'm having a slight problem with my D800 and Subal combination with regards to hard wired Inon Z240's.


The camera doesn't recognise that there are off-board strobes attached and therefore won't limit the shutter speed.

I usually shoot at 1/320th (FP auto) but on this setting with the hot shoe connector in the housing attached I can wind the shutter speed up to the cameras max of 1/8000.

At first I thought it was a faulty circuit board in the housing and sent it back to Subal who checked it out and told me it was working fine.


I then connected both my D300 and D3s to the strobes and hot shoe connection, as soon as the strobe ready light came on the shutter speed on both cameras were limited to 1/320 & 1/250 respectively. (Should have done this before the return to Subal I know)


I've also contacted Nikon Technical support but they're flummoxed too, and really only consider problems with their own brand of speed lights attached, which incidentally work as they should.


So here are the questions

Is it a Nikon D800 trait in a Subal?

Have I inadvertently messed up in the menu somewhere?

Is the camera faulty?



HELP !!!