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In Topic: INON discontinue Z-220F and S strobes

27 July 2005 - 02:46 AM

It's a bigger difference than the D70 and D70s  :D



In Topic: INON discontinue Z-220F and S strobes

26 July 2005 - 05:59 PM

Considering that there wasn't much difference in design / performance between the Z220 and 220F (except for the focus light controller), I'm not surprised. I was actually surprised that the 220F was released without much change.

Hopefully they are taking into account the more demanding pre-flash requirements of the current/future Digicams / DSLRs, and a little more power would be nice.

I hope they're not planning a 'sync cord' mish-mash version of the D-2000!

In Topic: PMA review

02 March 2005 - 04:02 PM

This is an interesting quote from Stephen's report:

" I learned in conversation with Associate Manager for Technical Marketing and Training, Joe Guzman, Olympus does not intend to stop with the point-and-shoot market. Rather, they are committed to the pro end of digital imaging and are producing an aluminum housing for their 8 megapixel Evolt E-300. A digital camera from the ground-up, the Evolt series offers lenses especially designed to optimize the coverage of their digital sensor and a patented supersonic wave filter that keeps dust for sticking to the digital sensor. Zuiko lenses are renowned for their optical quality, and in particular the 50mm macro, 7-14mm zoom, and 11-22mm zoom should all be good performers in a housing. Best wishes to Olympus with their new housing, and I'll look forward to giving it a water test one day soon."

Cool! ":D"


Yes, very, very interesting. Hope pricing won't be an issue - their excellent quality poly housing has always been very affordable. Does that mean the end of their 'wide flat port' faux pas days? I hope so.

In Topic: Review and Test of the Inon D-2000 Posted

21 February 2005 - 10:08 PM

Good test report James.

One thing I notice, with the photo of the back of the strobe for the S-TTL test: You have the Mode dial set to 'S-TTL Low' and the EV dial at 9 o'clock. Inon recommends you start at position 'B' ie 12 o'clock. With the EV dial at 9 o'clock you've basically dialed a '+' exposure compensation of +3 steps.

Did you do your 'S-TTL Low' test with the EV dial set at that position? If so, why?

In Topic: Inon D2000 Instructions

09 February 2005 - 09:54 PM

Who did you buy your D-2000 from?

With the release of the D-2000 Inon has decided not to publish the English manual online. You will need to contact the vendor who you bought it from. There was a big discussion about this on digtaldiver.net: English version of D-2000 manual

FWIW, I've discovered that if you leave the right hand knob on 'Auto' while in S-TTL mode things are over-exposed. Looking at some of the doco and samples on Inon sites I now believe that it should have been pointing straight up (At the 'B' setting). Anyone care to share anything else?

For S-TTL:
If you're aiming the built-in focus-assist/aiming light at the subject then Inon advises that you stick the red filter sticker over it so it doesn't affect the S-TTL exposure.
Start with 'S-TTL Low' on the mode dial and the EV dial at position 'B'. If the strobe exposure is too bright then dial it clock wise towards the '-C', you have 5 steps to reduce the strobe power (range surrounded by the yellow arc). If the strobe exposure is under then dial the EV controller anti-clockwise towards the '+A'. You have 3 steps to bump the exposure up with.
If your exposure is still under after you have bumped it up by 3 steps in 'S-TTL Low' mode then switch the mode dial to 'S-TTL' and the EV dial to 'B' and try again.