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25 September 2012 - 12:21 AM


In Topic: Time For A Major Philosophy Change?

06 March 2012 - 01:38 PM

I was watching Eric Johansson's TED talk tonight, and he hits on an intersting concept at about 1 min, 40 sec:

...it's about capturing an idea, not a moment...

For me, a great photo captures an idea IN the moment. Sometimes, an idea needs help reaching full expression.


In Topic: Time For A Major Philosophy Change?

01 March 2012 - 07:27 PM

I have a friend who runs a very successful Graphic Design firm and he always tells me, "Good art evokes emotion."

For me, the images I consider "best" are the ones that trigger an emotional response, good or bad. Immediate images that come to mind are Alex's Bohar Snapper, Eric Cheng's "Screaming Turtle" and Jeff's recent winning image "Fire in the Water".

Personally, I don't care how you get to where you get as long as you are honest about how you got there. One of the reasons I enjoy taking a class from Alex or attending a class with Jeff is because they are always pushing the boundaries in search of THE image.

I think I have probably taken three or four truly great images and each of these came after an iterative process where there was more error than success. However, when you finally GET the image, whether in camera or after several rounds of post, and you cannot stop but say, "Wow", then you know you are onto something.

These would be my guidelines:

1. Strive to get the best possible image in camera. Sometimes lipstick on a pig is just lipstick on a pig.
2. Work the image in post.
3. Be honest in telling how the result was achieved.

Though I'm not quite the ninja some of the wetpixelers are, the reward for me is in the journey.

As always, Alex, thanks for stretching the boundaries of the craft.