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In Topic: GH4: Panasonic 7-14mm f4 lens in a Zen 170mm port?

17 July 2014 - 10:38 PM

Just a reminder, there is no OIS in 7-14.

In Topic: Video Recording Formats AVCHD vs AVCHD Progressive

07 May 2014 - 02:05 AM

Does Sony AVCHD codec use B Frame?

I read that size of P frame is approximately 50% of an I frame. 

So :

25p : Maximum bitrate/ I frame =24Mb/14 (3 full frames and 22 Predicted frames)

50p : Maximum bitrate/ I frame = 28Mb/26.5 (3 full frames and 47 predicted frames)


Is that correct? Any comment?

In Topic: Post Processing RAW footage from 5D iii ML in Mac

02 May 2014 - 07:09 PM

Hi kkfok,


Sorry for the delay. Yes, I do use the sliders in Lightroom and I did have the flickering problem initially- I looked into it & apparently it's related to the LR process used, so if you change the process to 2010 (in the develop tab- down near the bottom- Camera Calibration> Process). I think the newer processes much introduce some very minor 'auto exposure' type thing which introduces the flicker. Anyway, try it- I'd be interested to see if it works for you.




Thanks, I heard that too but I was tempted by the 2012 process as it seems to be much better in highlight and shadow recovery.

Eventually I bought a quite expensive plug-in (AE/PP/FCP) called flicker free and it solved most of the flickering problems. 

I will go ahead to try 2010 process, thanks.

In Topic: 4k Breakdown

22 April 2014 - 07:22 PM

Another option for Sony FDR-AX100


In Topic: Post Processing RAW footage from 5D iii ML in Mac

22 April 2014 - 07:20 PM

Hi Fergus, I am using 5D3/ML setup too, do you touch the clarity/shadow/highlight/exposure sliders when you grade with LR? I have tried imported the dngs into AE (ACR) and LR and there are flickering if I touch those sliders.


    For easier shots I just import the dngs into AE, grade them and render to quicktime mov with DNxHD. For trickier shots I have to treat them like time-lapse, import into LR and grade them, smooth out the flickering with Bridge and export as PSD sequence for further editing.