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In Topic: Panasonic LX-100 Nauticam housing

29 January 2015 - 08:28 AM

Yes, my LX100 was stuck in the housing just because I forgot to turn the aperture back to F16 (or 4:3?....I forgot) before taking it out, spent more than 10 minutes to take it out finally.

In Topic: Panasonic LX-100 Nauticam housing

29 January 2015 - 06:20 AM


That doesn't sound right, you can't focus on all three AF, AF-Macro and Manual (using peaking)? How far are you from the subject?

It could not focus with AF, it was fine with AF-Macro, I wonder if there is any "side-effect" of using AF-Macro, such as cannot focus to infinity...

The subjects were around 60cm from the camera.

In Topic: Panasonic LX-100 Nauticam housing

29 January 2015 - 06:04 AM

Am not surprised if the glass is really a slice of 3.5" minimum focus distance is 18cm so if you want to use the full zoom you need a +2 diopter
Probably you will get around 40/50 before it stops focussing

I meant my LX100 could not focus even at 24mm underwater.

In Topic: Panasonic LX-100 Nauticam housing

29 January 2015 - 05:51 AM

My LX100 can only focus with AF-Macro behind the 3.5" dome port( #38702), is this mentioned in its user guide?

In Topic: Wide angle with GH4 and 14-42mm PZ lens

14 January 2015 - 01:58 AM



If you go with the LX100, you will get your housing before your Bonaire trip. I ordered my NA-LX100 housing last week from Reef Photos and it's arriving today. It will be in my hand tomorrow as I have to stay at office to work today instead of stay home waiting for the UPS guy. It seems odd that Nauticam hasn't make any product profile announcement while the housing is already ready for shipping.


Anyway, I ordered the 67mm flip lens holder but is not available yet so I won't be able to test it right away. With the 67mm flip lens holder, I will be able to change macro diopters during dive, and I will test and see if the Opteka is okay to use on top of the 67mm  flip lens holder.


The reason I chose LX100 over the GH4 is because I feel like 4K underwater is not that mature yet, and get very expensive very quickly. I anticipate GH4 will get outdated in next year or so because 60fps 4K should be out, or 6K in 2016. Spending $5000 (camera + body housing) for an equipment that will become outdated in 2 years seem not a good investment for me.


The LX100 setup would be less than $2500, I can use it for 2 or 3 years until I get use to the 4K work flow, more powerful computer/laptop exist, and more choices open up (Sony?) then I might consider a more pro level upgrade next time.


If you already have an existing set up that's less than 2 years old, then I don't really see getting a new system because of 4K.


I'm keeping my GH4 camera for on land use, with the 14-140mm lens, I can shoot dolphin, islands etc. while I'm on the dive boat, and leave the LX100 in its housing. The GH4 touch screen make it a perfect land shooting camera.


I will open up another discussion thread once I have my hand on the LX100 housing.

Which port have you ordered?