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In Topic: Sony A 7 Sii with Nikonos 15mm for 4K

06 January 2016 - 07:22 AM


Our service staff made these.  TSA loves them.  I haven't heard real world reports, but bench tests indicate at least 3 hrs run time while recording video.






Is this available to buy? Price? What kind of batteries are those (LiIon rechargeable? What charger?




Best Regards?

In Topic: Internal dome reflections.

11 August 2015 - 07:54 AM

The problem with the Sigma 15 mm FE is the front part (around the glass) and not the outside part of the lens. Since that area it's not mat, when we try to do some backline shoots with the sun in the picture one can see the parallel lines in the reflection inside the dome (I use the Subal DP-FE).

I'm surprised that not every people that use this lens doesn't have the same problem. Or maybe they still not noted it...


Although in photos its possible to use PS or LR to fix it, a major problem is when shooting video. It will ruin completely the footage :-(


Until now I wasn't able to find a good solution. I've tried to glue some mat tissue but it came loose. Permanent ink (like Edding 3000) is not mat enough. And since the lens is metal painted black, its not possible to sand paper that area either.


Anyone have another sugestion?