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RED / ARRI underwater

09 February 2016 - 07:42 AM

Hi all,


I'm about to buy a new Pro video system, probably a Red Weapon, Scarlet-W or even an Arri Alexa Mini.

Besides my own wildlife video productions, I want to work also in productions that need some monitor and camera control to the surface.


Right now I'm considering the options of Nauticam, Amphibico and Gates. I'm already talking with this three brands, but I would like to have some feedback form the field use of some experienced users.


- I know about the reputation and high quality of Gates housings. On the down side is price, dimensions and weight, not very friendly to travel or to record in more remote sites (and the new Red DSMC2 are even smaller then Epic...)

- Nautical seems the most compact solution. Anyone know the reliability of this housings with Red cameras? Any reported problems about overheating in warm water pools?

- Amphibico are mostly electronic controled (with good and bad things) and I'm a bit worried about buying a housing from a brand that prevously almost desapeared before it was bought by Aquatica. Also, somehow big and heavy.


Any advices?


Regarding the choice between Red Weapon and Arri Alexa Mini, the last one is more in demand for productions, at least in Europe. Not sure if that will change. So I'm not sure if the choice of a Red camera is the right one if I want to rentabilize the investment by working in those productions also...


Any comments are welcome.