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In Topic: Canon EOS 5D Mark II

17 September 2008 - 05:39 AM

I'm a bit bummed that they are only upping it to 3.9fps and that they are not upgrading the auto-focus. I'm sure next year at this time I will have one in a housing (hopefully just a new Ikelite back for my current housings?), but I was hoping for a camera with a higher fps but less MP for also shooting topside wildlife. I guess I'll have to start looking more at the D50 for use with my longer lenses. I would have also like to have seen more weather sealing. I shoot a lot in the rain in places like SE Alaska all day. My 5D with a rain cover has handled 8+ hours of almost constant rain, but I had a friend's 40D stop working at around 5 hours that day. Always compromises.

In Topic: Philipines/Indonesia with children?

14 September 2008 - 07:22 AM

My wife and I went to Bunaken 8 years ago. Since then we have had 2 daughters and not as much international travel. We are finally starting to emerge from our self-induced sabbatical from international travel. There was some discussion earlier this summer about taking our kids to Bali or Bunaken. They are now 6 & 3. My wife decided that Indonesia was a bit too far for a first time trip, but we are going to take them to Panama for the holidays this year. A bit shorter flying trip to see how they do. Anyway, I would not hesitate to take my kids to Bunaken or Bali. Indonesia is very family friendly, but the longer you stay, the more likely that someone is going to get sick. A lot of the resorts give big discounts or better for children. I think that they'd have a great time doing some snorkeling (putting a face mask on, at least) and playing in the shallower water.

In Topic: Smithsonian Exhibit-Ocean Views Competition

01 September 2008 - 08:39 AM

I too had a few images in the exhibit. Congratualtions! In case you haven't seen this check out what NB has done this past week on this new website that is part of AOL.