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HELP - big trip in danger of being ruined

17 June 2006 - 07:37 AM


So, my wife and I, both avid UW photographers, are heading to PNG for a month, visiting multiple locations to dive. We're leaving July 12th.

In preparation for this trip, We sent our two housings for our canon d60s to be serviced, after making sure that they would be ready in time w/o risk. We sent them overnight fedex, well-packed, at great expense.

They never arrived. fed-ex appears to have "lost" the large package. They've been doing a search, but it doesn't look good. Fortunately, I declared their value and paid the premium associated with the high declared value (though I wonder if I hadn't if they wouldn't have been stolen).

So, I'm desperately hoping that I will be able to come up with some sort of replacement solution before I leave. The problem is typically long lead times on housings. I'm looking for any help from vendors (who would stand to make good money by helping) or others.

What I had was two sea+sea dx30-60 housings for two canon D60 cameras. Only the housings were sent (plus one port). I still have the other ports + accessories, plus my cameras+lenses.

Possible solutions - I need to do one of these reaally quickly:
buy or rent 2 3060 housings.

buy or rent other sea+sea housings for other canon cameras, and buy or rent those cameras. advantage is I should be able to use the ports+accessories from my
other housings.

buy or rent other housings for canon cameras, either the cameras I have, or newer canon models.

other. beggars can't be choosers and I want to be able to take pictures.

The important thing to me is to have both macro (I use the canon 100mm macro lens, the older one), preferably with manual-focus and WA capability (I use the sigma 14mm lens or the canon 20mm).

I'm willing to upgrade as part of this - I'd even be willing to go all the way up to a 1ds mk 2 setup IF the time constraint could be satisfied, so there's a good $ amount possible to a vendor who can deliver.


I can be reached at cgreen@valvesoftware.com, or here.

Thanks to anyone who can sell/rent me stuff, or provide a creative solution.