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In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1/HVR-A1 and housings

11 August 2006 - 12:45 AM

Cheers Scubadru and Dean.

It looks like I'll have to wait to see if the low light performance of the next generation of HD cams has improved.

These days the TV companies insist on HD but they don't realise that I can get them better footage with a PD170!

I was recently fiming on an 80m wreck off Falmouth, England. I managed to capture some decent images, but some of the best shots were using ambient light, with my dive partner (Teresa) highlighting objects with her wide angle HID.

On the same dive was a diver with an A1E. When back on shore and checking out the footage the A1E was virtually a black screen except for close up shots. At first I thought this was user error/camera setup, but now realise it was due to lack of low light performance of the HVR A1E. This is a shame as the A1 is a great little camera.

Does the Z1 perform better under low light conditions? Not that I can afford the 7000 UK pounds for a Z1 and Gates. :guiness:



In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1/HVR-A1 and housings

08 August 2006 - 03:30 AM

:lol: Hi Guys

I've read all the posts over the last year and think I've got things just about sussed. I have the A1 and I'm on the verge of going for the Gates housing because 1) I have one for my PD170, it's rugged and Gates have fantastic customer support. 2) The Gates (along with others) access the assignable button allowing MWB.

What I'm still not sure about, is it's performance compared to the Z1. I know the A1 suffers in low light but are we talking low ambient light in clear waters? My passion is deep wreck video, will I notice the low light performance when using my 23w Kowalski HID's?

Will the results be up to broadcast standards?

I've run a couple of tapes through the A1 on the surface and the colour looks a little flat compared to my PD170, anyone else notice this?

Any help with the above will be greatly appreciated.