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In Topic: WTB Aquatica vacuum system

20 January 2018 - 03:17 AM

Hi Mrasette
The moisture alarm surveyor from Aquatica has already a vacuum sensor integrated. (http://aquatica.ca/e...s_surveyor.html)

From my knowledge, the new housings bring already the moisture alarm included. It is misssing only the vacuum valve and the pump. At least my housing did.

I bought the valve and pump from Vivid Housing as it is the most lean valve I have found. The valve from him is like a straight bulkhead. The valves from Aquatica and from Backscatter are in L shape.

If your housing is more antique and even if it has a moisture alarm that is not the surveyor, you need the full Leak Sentinel.

If you do not have a moisture alarm, my recommendation would be to buy the surveyor alarm from Aquatica and the vacuum valve and pump from Vivid Housing (the leak sentinel manufacturer)

And Miso, the LS developer is 5 star guy. Quick answers, great service.

In Topic: Little Beach, Nelson Bay NSW

22 November 2017 - 02:44 PM

Very nice video. Lots of interesting behavior.

And interesting location. Lots of life.

In Topic: Best Vacuum System for DSLR Housing

22 November 2017 - 02:27 PM

Not going into discussion about brands, I said already which is my selection.

But on the contrary of a comment I read in this topic, I think that the system MUST HAVE light for signaling and alarm. If it also has sound alarm, even beter.

With the more dives we do, the ear function reduces, and each time is more difficult to ear the sound alarm.

Conclusion: it has to have light/led signal/alarm and it has to be in a position where it is easily seen when diving. If it also has sound alarm, it is a nice bonus!

In Topic: Best Vacuum System for DSLR Housing

01 November 2017 - 03:05 AM

Leak Sentinel / Mico is the way to go!
I bought 2 systems from him.

One complete for a friends Ikelite housing (version 4). It works fine.

Another bought was a standalone valve and pump for my Aquatica housing. The Aquatica housing had the surveyor already, that is able to measure the change in the pressure, so I just needed to add a valve. I do not like the valves from Aquatica, backscater, ikelite, nauticam as all of them are on L shape or too bulky and it seams to me that it is more probable to get things stacked there.

Besides that, it is less expensive!

The surveyor from Aquatica is possible to be bought stand alone. It has the Benedict that also has a moisture alarm, signaling by light and by sound. The draw back is that you need to open the housing to activate the survival and then proceed with the test.

The leak sentinel allows you to activate it without opening the housing, and it allows you to make the test in the day before and switch off the sensor till the few moments before the dive, allowing some saving in the battery.

And Miso is very solicitous.

In Topic: SubSee +10 For sale

21 October 2017 - 05:19 AM

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