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Wet Macro Lens Comparison

10 February 2014 - 07:29 AM



I am thinking about adding a super macro capability to my system. I know that there are some other topics with some discussion about the subjet. But in none there is a comparison of the different macro lens available.


Has anyone made a comparison/review of the most known macro wetlens available:

                - Inon UCL-165

                - Subsee +5 and +10

                - Aquatica Close Up +5 and +10

                - Nauticam SMC +10

                - Others


What should be the way:

                - 1.4 TC and  a wetlens +5

                - a wetlens +5 and a +10

                a wetlens +10 alone


What would be the best buy (if it makes a difference) for the different system groups:

                - a compact system

                - a SLR cropped sensor

                - a SLR full frame


If you have a limited budget, what should be the preference for the purchase:

                - first the +5, then the +10

                - first the +10, then the +5

                - the +10 should be enough

                - the +5 should be enough

                - go the TC way


Does the flip adapters pay off?




Pedro Alves