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09 April 2009 - 09:55 AM

That was a the best viagra I've ordered this week and I've made so many nice Adult Friends! :) Seriously, anyone who had to click to discover that this was spam has been sucking way to much trimix.

For those who are new to the InterWebs, a quick primer on this type of spam:
Getting a PM from someone you don't recognize with a subject line that doesn't make sense or is generic should alert you that it's 99% likely spam. However, if you're *really* curious and want to confirm your hunch and you login to your PMs and see a wacky link it's obviously spam! If you're still *painfully, desperately* curious, then hover over the link and your browser will display the target url--this should confirm, through every last fiber of your being that it's spam! Then, if you still click the link, then you're either:
a. without a shred of common sense
b. an outright moron
c. George Bush (both a and b above)
d. Actually looking for an 'Adult Friend' and/or bogus Viagra but in all the wrong places.

Rant over. Travel safely my moderator friends!