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Seacam 1Ds / 1Ds MKII Housing w/ Pro Viewfinder

19 April 2009 - 03:19 PM

I am the original owner of this Canon 1Ds Seacam housing. At first it housed my 1Ds. When the 1Ds MarkII came out, I sent it back to Stephen Frink / Seacam USA for the slight modifications it would need to work with the 1Ds MarkII. It is still configured for a 1Ds MarkII, but could easily and inexpensively be converted back to 1Ds spec if the new owner needed it to be done. And of course the 1Ds MarkII and the 1D MarkII have exactly the same body, so they can both be used interchangeably in this housing.

When using a 1Ds MarkII, the only differences between a 1Ds housing and a 1Ds MarkII housing is that the 1Ds housing cannot access the 3 buttons below the LCD screen. Since I always shoot RAW files, I never felt the need to set the white balance underwater, nor have I ever wanted to delete photos underwater, so I never missed these buttons.

While the housing was being upgraded to work with my 1Ds MkII, I had the * button lever replaced with the extended version (which I believe was first suggested to Seacam by Eric Cheng). This allows for much easier operation with your right thumb, while still maintaining a good grip on the right housing handle.

The housing is in very good condition. I am a hobbyist... not a pro, so it was only used on 2 or 3 trips a year for the past 5 years. I have always been religious about soaking the housing in freshwater immediately after removing it from saltwater. It has never leaked and never given me any trouble at all.

It comes with the body caps, and a barely used Pro Viewfinder. It does not come with any ports, but it uses the standard Seacam Canon ports which are all readily available from Seacamusa.com . It has 2 Nikonos V bulkheads.

More detailed pictures of the housing are available here:

I am asking $1,500 for the housing.

I am also selling my 1Ds MkII body. It has only 5,173 shutter actuations and is in excellent working condition. It comes in its original box, with all of its original accessories, as well as a spare battery. The only real sign of use is the slight brassing on the edges of the hotshoe.

I am asking $2,750 for the 1Ds MkII body.

I will sell the housing and the body together for $4,000.

More detailed pictures of the 1Ds MkII body are available here:

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