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In Topic: Ikelite housings: fiber optical or electrical?

13 May 2016 - 10:14 AM

Thie is a follow up of my  (too) optimistic March 5 posting. Unfortunately I did not succeed in making the  mini LED trigger from Hedwig work. The trigger fits op top of the Nikon in the  Ikelite DSLR housing, which is nice. But It just wont fire my Ikelite D125 strobes (even equipped with the new optic adapters). I  also tried the Inon cables. Same story. Its just the LED ouput that seems to be to weak to trigger the strobes.

In Topic: new website

14 March 2016 - 10:59 AM

Actually the content of the Blogs changes regularly, Now the focus is on the Sperm Whales head. 


In Topic: Ikelite housings: fiber optical or electrical?

05 March 2016 - 10:04 AM

Hi,  picking up the threads again after almost two years. I finally got myself  the  mini flat LED trigger from Hedwig Dieraert in Belgium that fits on the hotshoe of my Nikon D7200 (see  pic1, my version has four LEDs). Even better, it also fits in the Ikellte housing that comes with this camera. There is not much space left on top of the housing, just enough. If you wish you can still file off a bit of the two little metal spacers connecting upper and lower green parts of the trigger.

To make  this set up work  you need two additional adaptations. First, the Ikelite 4402 strobe mount kit to attach your fiber optical cables to the front of the  Ike housing. There is a narrow rectilineair window just behind the Ikelite sticker that you can use to attach the mount kit after removal of the sticker. Be sure that the four LEDs are lined up with, and close to that window (pics 2 and 3). I think  that this might work with most strobes that accept optical signals. For the Ikelite DS strobes that are still electrically triggered you will need the new Ike 4401.1 optical adapters that also work with lower intensity LED signals.  IF I  can get this set up working,  I have the nice choice between two options: electrical or optical triggerig. So, if electrical  breaks down due  to a short or whatever, I can switch to optical  (and vice versa) between dives. So you allways have a back up lighting system (-;.  I'll keep you informed of future tests in a submersed environment. 

In Topic: nikon d7200 best housing

03 March 2016 - 10:14 AM

I agree with almost everything said above.  There are no 'ever' lasting housings. "Ever' means two perhaps three or four years. Then you cant resist buying  that new  ergonomically superb housing or that new camera that beats all  earlier  versions in megapixels or focusing speed.  For me the lense and camera combo comes first. Personally  I am happy with the 'good old' Ikelite housing series for the dSLR cameras. Price is reasonable.  Not so difficult to sell if you want to upgrade. I could even keep the same housing while upgrading  from  D7100 to D7200 (albeit without TTL).  The Ike strobes,even the older generation DS 125,  are still doing fine. I can even use them with my Olympus  4/3 back up system adding the optical adapters.

In Topic: new website

29 February 2016 - 12:52 PM

Thanks  Peter,  I just updated my Biology blog  with a short  article on the hazards of free diving. And  for this  week I have  a nice picture taken by Alan Egan of a Great Hammerhead from Jupiter  to share on the frontpage. Cheers