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#339454 Fish eyes compared: Tokina versus Panasonic (test 2)

Posted by albert kok on 14 November 2013 - 09:34 AM

I think you might have something else going on with your Tok 10-17 -- it just doesn't look sharp in any part of the image.  If it was just a Fine Tuning issue, it would be back or front focusing, but it just looks very "soft" overall. 

Yes tnks,  I noticed that too. Could it also be a camera problem..like a wrong  AF setting, didnt try the fine tuning yet.


Today we had sunshine! So I tried some more tests, with Tok and Pana set at 1/30 F8 ISO400, 20 cm distance. Tok now at 10 mm. Results looked better now for Tok/Nikon. So perhaps AF under low ambient light could have produced bad results for the Tok/Nikon combo in the earlier shots. But taken together, and admitting that  this was  probably not the best test of the quality of these lenses, I would tentatively call the Pana fisheye the winner (with a small margin). 

tok230F8ISO400.jpg pana230F8ISO400.jpg