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Loading your UW pictures on Nexus7

26 January 2014 - 02:51 AM

Hi, for people who don’t want to take their heavy and expensive lap top on a diving trip, a tablet could be a solution.  I bought the Nexus7, a cheap and ultralight 16 GB Android tablet that connects with Wifi (there is also a 32 GB version). To get this set up working could be a pain, but finally it will (probably)  work and satisfy your needs. If you can find the right apps!

First I downloaded a free app called Nexus Media Importer (NMI). This app allows you to stream and transfer music, video, photos and documents from a USB flash drive or card reader to your Nexus. The card reader needs to be connected with a special OTG cable to the mini USB port of the Nexus. When you import your pictures with the NMI you first select the folder or files on your card that you wish to transfer, and then select the destination folder in the tablet. Its also possible to add and name new destination folders in the directory. Another useful  app is Android file manager, that makes it  easier to search for  folders or  create subfolders  in the tablets directory.  

Both JPG and Raw  files can be transferred from your card reader to Internal storage, either individually or as a folder. But for inspecting the raw files on the Nexus screen I use another app called RawDroid.  Its also possible to transfer your pictures or folders with the ‘Share’ option  to media like Drive or Dropbox on your tablet. This could be a good option to export and download the Nexus files to your PC.  A second option is to download the app AirDroid, and use your Wifi connection either at home or at your diving location.  Finally, there is  a Photoshop app called Photoshop Touch 1.4. for   Nexus 7 that allows you to do some (I suppose modest)  photoshopping of your pictures  during your dive trip. But I think that Nexus7 might not be the best platform for picture editing. 


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Ikelite flat port 5505.58

13 December 2013 - 09:27 AM

[attachment=26017:ikelite flat port.jpg]Ikelite flat port for long lense, model  #5505.58 as new with cover, 25 Euro plus shipping in Europe (around 6.50 Euro)




Fish eyes compared: Tokina versus Panasonic (test 2)

12 November 2013 - 07:40 AM

This was a second test in which I compared two fish eye lenses 'on land', My victim now was a fruit bowl. I compared the Tokina 10-17 (on NIkon D7000, crop factor 1.5 relative to full frame sensor) and the Panasonic 8mm (on Olympus EPL5, crop factor 2.0). Same shutter speed and aperture (1/50, f4.5) no flash, ISO 250. Single focusing point Tokina was zoomed in at 12mm to match the size of the shots of the Panasonic. Taken with hand. In this test the Pana crop looked much sharper than the Tok crop. Crops were 100%

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The last two 'duck' shots were taken with: 1/50 F7.1 ISO 400 at 10 cm distance,  no flash


Mounting an Oly housing on an Ikelite tray

03 October 2013 - 12:24 AM

I just bought the Olympus PT-EP10 housing with the Oly EPL5. Playing with my new toy,  I was pleased with the nice layout and handling of  the push  buttons and shutter (compared to my Ikelite housing with D7000). And the clear LCD monitor. And...this set-up is really small and light! Then I tried to mount the Oly housing on my regular Ikelite SLR tray, after drilling two extra holes in the tray. This allows me to connect the Ikelite DS strobes via two fiber optic adapters to the Oly housing. But the problem here  is that the handles are too far away from the control buttons (upper picture). The solution could be to keep your hands not on the handles, but on the Oly housing itself, once  you are ready to shoot underwater (lower picture). I also have the impression that the PT-EP10 was primarily designed for direct  handling, not via the two handles of a tray.

vacuum lock on the Ikelite

19 August 2013 - 12:17 AM


There seem to be various ways to install an vacuum lock on your UW housing. The vacuum lock is meant to create a underpressure (or: small vacuum) of around -5 Hg. Which equals .16 Bar: that is the pressure of a water column of around 2 meters. ScubaCam in Holland sells a simple and relative cheap device which includes a VacuVine pressure pump and a stainless steel one-way valve that can be screwed in one of the function buttons on the Ike housing you dont use (like the Fn button in front). I found it very simple to install and effective. After 15 pumps the vacuum is installed and it will be difficult to remove the port or back lid. A vacuum gauge is not really necessary..but if you happen to have a gauge (or a small barometer) you could place it inside the housing (like I did)  to check the vacuum and if it remains stable.