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A contribution to shark week (-;

29 June 2016 - 09:35 AM

This is a fun VIMEO clip. Showing some similarity between domesticated  tiny creatures like gold fish and  apex predators in the Ocean.The behavior of gold fish, hand fed in the small pool on our balcony, reminded me of the baiting of Oceanic sharks from Cat Island Bahamas. Although they do not have that big dorsal fin cutting the surface. The biggest orange gold fish, showing up in the right corner must be around 20 years old. The whitish one,should be 15 years old.

Using a fish eye lense and self made snoot to lighten up a foreground object

18 June 2016 - 10:25 AM

Even with a fish eye lense a snoot can be helpful to lighten  up a colourful object on the foreground without disturbing the natural lighting of the background.  In this indoor test I used a self made 15 cm long snoot with  a front opening of 5 cm made of plastic piping. The snoot was placed on an Ikelite DS 125 strobe set at the lowest intensity. Pictures were taken with the Olympus EPL5 and the Panasonic 8mm fish eye.  Single strobe at the left upper corner at a  40 cm distance,  ISO 250, shutter speed 1/125, @ f5.6.  The three pictures  below show the shots without and with strobe, and the snoot on the strobe respectively. Notice that the lighting of the underexposed background is not affected by the snooted strobe. Meaning that this  might also work in UW settings like  caverns,  when you want to add some extra colour like the branche of a sea fan or so, without spoiling the nice natural lighting of the interior. 

Bimini Cat island two step

25 April 2016 - 11:23 PM

Just returned from the Bahamas where we did  Bimini and Cat island in succession. Luckily there were stil some 'hammies' left at Bimini and the end of the season. The Oceanics  of Cat island were an amazing experience. But  shooting them is pretty difficult, since you are hanging  in the blue and miss the nice sandy floor of Bimini  to kneel on. Here a stills sequence of a shark feed by Neil Watson at Bimini:  9 shots taken in 4 secs  with the D7200 and Tokina 10-17. The shark making almost a full turn.

see further https://www.flickr.c...albert/?saved=1


ikelite optic adapters 4401

23 February 2016 - 12:48 PM

Attached File  4401-fiber-optic-adapter-a.jpg   13.69KB   54 downloadsTwo ikelite optic adapters, type 4401 (1ste gen) for translating camera  flash  to optical  signal for Ikelite  DS strobes. Working fine, hardly used. 

100 Euro (both).

new website

08 January 2016 - 11:19 AM


Because I had nothing better to do, I started  a website some months ago.

Primarily  to present my UW photo albums. But later I thought that it might also be a good idea  to present some  information and personal  views about the UW photography world, collected from various media and persons.These sections are mostly 'eclectic' that is,  based on pictures, ideas, notes or articles from eminent photographers that I found interesting  or useful, I also tried to keep things simple, and not to get  lnvolved in too technical issues, or  to get lost in the labyrinth of ever changing UW photography hardware So long, I am happy with the numbers of visitors, but you would also do me a  favour to give me your  ‘likes’ Thanks!

see: www.albertkokuw.nl