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sony rx 100 II recsea Cws rx100 II

19 November 2014 - 06:44 AM

Hi guys,


I own a sony rx 100 II and the recsea CWS RX100 II.


I'd like to use wide angle lens and macro lens just to use the flexibility of putting on or remove the lens undewater.


The housing is coming with m67 mouth so because I like Inon I'd like to buy the inon  UWL-100 28AD+ DOME LENS UNIT II and macro lens UCL-165AD.  


I found on the recsea site that the sell and adapter to use the inon ad lens on m67 screw and the model is this one M67-28LD Adapter

AD-M67/28LD Direct To Port




ALL this things attacked with the adapter m67-inon ad, is going to produce some vignetting, a lot of vignetting or nothing at all????


Please help me before purchasing and spend a lots of money...




Alessio Simoncini


(moved from the big one MDX-D300 to the small one Sony rx100 II)