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#110124 Bendable arm & slate for easy MWB

Posted by nickdiver on 29 November 2006 - 02:21 PM

Hello everybody.

For those of you who've ever wished you had a "third" hand/arm so you could hold your white slate when manual WB-ing, look no further!

Here's a "collage" of pix ilustrating what you need to create a WB slate with bendable Locline arm to attach to your Bluefin HD. Makes MWB a snap.
After you're done MWB-ing, you can quickly reposition the WB slate + bendable arm under the housing for less drag. Used a zillion times, never fails.

Credit to my good friend and mentor Steve (Douglas); I borrowed his great idea a couple years ago when diving Cocos together. WB-ing has never been easier ever since! Steve's the man, as usual!

I thought this interesting technique deserved its own separate thread, given the interest from several people in the past.

Materials and Procedure:

- Locline 3/4 inch modules for the arm. These are of the same kind as those used for the L&M light arms. You can also find them in smaller size (diameter wise); I like the 3/4 inch modules because I can always use them in the future as spares, should some of those used in the light arms become too loose with time.
Notice that the arm length (and therefore number of individual Locline modules) wil vary according to your taste. I like to use about 15 modules. Makes it easy to set the slate in front of the lens, zoom in a bit to MWB, and then quickly reposition the slate + arm under the housing.

- Y splitter, by Locline.

- White plastic slate (available at Dive shops, in several sizes. This one is a 6 inch by 4 inch, which is good even in conditions with lots of current; or you can use a larger one, this way you can zoom in even less when your MWB-ing on it.

- A Locline "Mounting Elbow", that "grabs" the corner of the white slate. Make a 3/8inch hole on one of the corners of the slate, that way you'll be able to "sandwitch" tha corner of the slate between the two parts of the Locline mounting elbow. Then tighten the screw that comes with it to keep the slate nicely secured. You may wanna add some "instant" glue for a super-tight hold.

- Connect the mounting elbow + slate to one of the ends of the Locline bendable arm (15 or so lements), and attach this arm to the L&M light (HID or Halogen) arm via the Y splitter.

- Extend the White card arm in front of the lens, and now you can use your two hands to hold the camera and press the WB button. Voila!

- When done, simply bend the WB arm and tuck it under the housing (or to the side) so it doesn't create drag (see last pic).

BTW, you can find all the needed Locline materials at http://www.modularhose.com
Very fast shipping, never had a problem with them.

Hope it helps.