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In Topic: DX-1G TTL strobe control

11 April 2008 - 11:26 PM

Olso a lot of problems with inon z-240 and g1... no ttl at all... worst lighting results than other older cameras...
I found a new firmware for gx100.. i was tried install with negative results.. imposible at all ..
Some idea?


1. Modified the following phenomenon.
With the M mode (manual exposure mode), even if you press the Fn button (to set closer to the appropriate exposure automatically), it will not set closer to the appropriate exposure with the following conditions;
• Fn button assignment : AE lock
• ISO sensitivity setting : AUTO-HI
• Shutter speed to be an appropriate exposure : 1/30 or slower
2. Improved the flash control in a dark place. :D :blush: :wacko:
3. Make a change to a JPEG file that created with a RAW format file to add black borders to the top and bottom of the JPEG image, in case that you set the [RAW/JPEG setting] to [N640], and the [Pic Quality/Size] setting to [RAW 3:2] at the same time.