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In Topic: Canon 400D Magnification options - please help

08 February 2007 - 12:58 AM

I second that. I have both a kenko 1.4x and 2x TC's. They do not fit on the EF-S 60mm. But they do nicely on my 100mm EF macro.

Me too. Both topside an under I always use 60 mm EF-S as is and for the range of situations and subjects it is good for. It focus too close to take benefit of close-up lens. I only use the Canon 100 mm when I can't get close enough with the 60 mm.
But When I want more magnification I only use the 100 mm with close-up lenses (+4 is my favourite) or the Kenko TC (both x1.4 and 2x) for more scary subjects.

Underwater I'm now testing the Woody's diopter with 100 mm and I must say I love it :D

For topside and more extrem results I'd like to give a try to normal lens reversed with and adapter ring. Maybe the kit lens could give good results reversed ...


In Topic: 10.5mm FE + Teleconverter

02 February 2007 - 02:32 AM

Thanks Pakman

I also have tested it with 1.4x and the difference for me is very clear. I use to test it at home by night. This is a low light situation very close to UW at usual depths (at least for me where I use to dive). With the 1.4x the available light is enough to achieve focus across all the focal range, but certainly is not fast and requires good contrat zones.

With the 1.4x, the setup is wider an more intended to CFWA than CF (with the 2x). I don't have very good expectatives for fishes here (they use to be small and scary enough to saty too far for getting decent sizes on picture) but I think we can get interesting WA shots.

I'll tell about this when I'll make further tests.


In Topic: 10.5mm FE + Teleconverter

01 February 2007 - 07:13 AM


I've just created a thread in a spanish forum about my test with a Tokina 10-17 and a kenko 2X TC:


Only the first nudibranch photo is slightly cropped. The other ones are done at 10-11 or 17 mm.

The results are not as good as expected. The tokina is less luminous than other lenses like 10.5 and AF goes mad at 17 mm.

My 5 cents: good for moderated wide angle and static subjects that are not afraid of the camera. Good macro relation but distances to subject very small (almost touching the dome) and very hard to give light to help focus and light the scene :blink:. Competely useless for dinamic and scary fishes, due to the FE distance scale ditortion get too smal at normal work distances and AF diffculties. Not enough good as verstil combination (as Ia hoped :)).

I still have to test the Tokina 10-17 mm with Kenko 1.4. More CFWA and I hope AF gets better at 17 mm than in the 2x setup.


In Topic: Poll: How do you stow your Woody's Diopter?

29 January 2007 - 04:37 AM

Saturday I used for first time a Woody diopter. It was given to me the same morning, so I didn't have time to make any proper fixation for it when not in use (I had its lanyard around one handle). When not in use hanged a lot from the hande base so I hold it by the lanyard with left hand when not in use (only a few times in this dive).

As far as I was wearing a drysuit (12ºC) no suit related solutions were valid. My original idea for a simple and propre fixation was tested on sunday.

I'm using it with the Canon 100 macro behind Ikelite long flat port for this lens. So I added a SS clamp in the body of the port that catches the lanyard just enough to allow to put in on and off. The lanyard attachment point is on the upper right part of the port. So when not in use the diopter can hang in the left side of the port (a safe place) without hanging freely and getting under the port.

It is simple and work very well .


In Topic: 10.5mm FE + Teleconverter

24 January 2007 - 04:33 AM

While I am a happy 10.mm FE user, the 15/16mm FE would take a place in my bag too. I was considering buying a teleconverter mainly to get more than 1:1 magnification with my 105mm macro lens.
Due to some last articles and posts I was wondering if the same teleconverter might be used with 10.5mm.
Using Kenko Pro300 1.4x I would get a little slower 15mm/f4 FE with some contrast and sharpness loss.

There is one more negative about using teleconverter. In some descriptions I found that TCs can only be used with longer/telephoto lenses. When used with shorter lenses there is some kind of image deformation. Since I do not have any TCs yet, I need an advise. 10.5mm FE would be out of question... Is this correct?
Some time ago Alex Mustard posted some wide angle macro photographs captured with a FE + TC. I can not remeber exact setup he used for this kind of shots, 10.5mm + TC1.5x it might be...
Simply does 10.5mm work well with TC?
I would also apreciate help with choosing the right one. 1.5x, 1.4x?? Kenko, nikon??



Last Saturday I made UW tests of a similar set up with my Tokina 10-17 and a Kenko 2X TC.
The 2x TC made focus hard to get, specially on 17 mm side of the focals but acceptable at 10 mm. The 10.5 has wider aperture so this will affect you less than in my case.

My first impression is that you can still keep some of the wide angle capability, despite the reduced angle of view, and you can make very good macros with static subjects. With dynamic fishes at medium distance it din't perform very well maninly because the fishes still seem to bee too far and AF problems. With static fishes and macro work you have to get really too close (almost dangerously touching the subject with the dome to for macros) and besides the inherent danger, it's hard to light properly.

I thought that this combo will be more versatil that it really showed up in my preliminary test.

I still need more testing to evaluate properly tha advantages and disadvantages of this set up and I also want to test it with the 1.4 TC instead of 2x and compare it with the Sigma 15 mm FE.