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Trade: my ULCS 8" arm for your ULCS 5" arm

28 August 2010 - 07:32 AM

I have one too many 8" arms and one too few 5 " arms.
If you have an extra 5" ULCS arm and want to trade let me know.
If you don't want to trade but want to sell a 5" ULCS arm. let me know that too and how much.

FS: G9 - Ikelite housing, tray & arm, - DS160 - DS51- TTL cords

02 August 2010 - 08:04 PM

I have recently decided to upgrade my underwater camera rig and am putting my current G9 – Ikelite system up for sale.
Some of the components are brand new. I was hoping to keep the fantastic Ikelite strobes, but Ikelite doesn’t support the camera I am getting yet. In fact I just upgraded my DS125 to a new DS160 and it hasn’t even been wet.

I sent the housing in to Ikelite for a maintenance service last year, and it has been on 2 dive trips since. I take care of my equipment, do regular factory maintenance and everything is in great working condition.

The following is a price list for the housing as well as other items for sale which are also in excellent condition.

6147.09 Ikelite G9 Housing (Includes single handle tray, flash diffusers, TTL port plug, extra #9305.92 Flat Port (slightly limits camera's zoom range, but allows for the effective use of 67mm threaded external lenses.) $450

Canon G9 Camera - Excellent image quality and better video than the current G10 & G11 models. (Includes charger, extra battery.) $300

Combo 1: Buy the housing, ports, tray & and camera for $700.

#4060 Ikelite DS160 - Brand new, directly from Ikelite. I had a broken DS125 and chose to purchase a new DS160 and new battery pack. (Includes Strobe, battery pack, #4066.1 Smart Charger, #9571.4 Ball Mount (1"), diffuser and TTL port plug) - $650

#4044.1 Ikelite SubStrobe DS51 – Used, but just back from an overhaul by Ikelite. New battery compartment including the clear door. Includes ball mount and TTL Port plug. $275

#4086.61 arm system as included in most DS51 and DS160 packages provides full strobe aim with two clamps and a 15cm (6") extension. The overall extended length is 34.5cm (14"). $100

Strobe Cords:
#4103.51 Ikelite Digital TTL cord (Used in good condition.) $75

#4103.52 dual synccord Digital TTL Housing-to-Two DS SubStrobes (Brand new never used.) $115 (there are 2 of these)

combo 2: Buy the camera, housing, single tray & arm, DS160 and single cord $1450
combo 3: Buy the camera, housing, single tray & arm, DS51 and single cord $1100
combo 4: Buy the camera, housing, single tray & arm, DS160 and DS51 and one dual sync cord for $1600 ( you will need to get a dual tray and 2nd arm)

Pictures and video from this setup @


Videos on web site used attached UWL-100 wet lens with red filter (not included above)
Please send PM if interested. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal preferred.