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failing DS-125?

01 October 2006 - 07:01 AM

Hello all

I've been a satisfied user of a DS-125 for the past two years. However, my strobe does no longer seem to work anymore. I discovered this the first day during my holiday... :-(
When it is not connected to the camera housing, the strobe produces an annoying beep constantly when switched on. Yes, the battery is working fine, when I switch to "test", the pilot light is on as well as the three red indicator lights.

When I shortwire the ground and trigger as indicated on the Ikelite website http://www.ikelite.c...syncwiring.html, the constant beep is replaced by an intermittent beep (50% on-off) and the ready light starts blinking. If I remove the shortwire, the intermittent beep remains for a couple of seconds, before it switches to the same annoying constant beep as before shortwiring.
Needless to say, the strobe won't fire when attached to the camera housing (Ikelite housing, C5060 camera) using a sync cord.

Unfortunately, the 2 year warranty has _just_ expired.

Before I send in the strobe to Ikelite for repair, is there anything I can do to isolate the problem?