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Gates EX1 viewfinder

19 January 2009 - 04:00 AM

I am back from my first diving trip in Polinesia with the new Ex1-Gates-Fathom SW combo.
The housing construction is top quality: good work Gates ! The Fathom is a big (very big) piece of glass, the combo is a little scaring but handling underwater is fine. The quality it delivers is high: no vignetting and very wide (in my estimate more than 110 degree). I used it only in wide (no zoom) due to the problem of focusing using the viewfinder.

Coming to the viewfinder: this is the real weak point of this combo. Focusing through the viewfinder is impossible and even framing is not easy as the image is distorted. Moreover the magnificator is not adjustable and you cannot correct any presbiopya problem.

I wrote to Gates about this issue and Mr. Ellerbrock has answered quickly and nicely, proposing a solution to change the magnificator with a new one which is adjustable. He wrote that other clients have already adopted it and they are happy with the solution.

I will need to ship the housing to Gates and sadly shipping cost and repair costs will be at my charge, so I would like to be sure that this solution will fix the problem.

Anyone of the happy customers' John mentioned around who can give me its opinion on the new magnificator ?