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I've got a Sony P200, is the Ikelite housing worth the price???

18 October 2006 - 03:32 AM

Hi All

Have gotten hooked on snorkeling and freediving, and I've just signed up for scuba lessons. I would really like to be able to shoot some of the amazing experiences for myself and to share them with others.

I've allready got a Sony P200 (replacement for a stolen P100) and I have learned that Sony does not have a U/W housing for it. So what I am wondering is about the alternatives. I've seen the IkeLite housing for it and it retails about 280USD.

I've seen a few a couple of postings for the P100 and 150, but does anyone have any experience with the P200 for U/W shots??
Is the IkeLite worth it for the P200 or would I be better off buying an new camera and housing??

Appreciate any help