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Exploding NiMH AA battery

01 December 2009 - 02:06 PM

Just before the third dive of the first day of an 15 day liveaboard, the dive guide noticed the O-ring on my Inon Z220 was broken and the ends were protruding from under the cap. After opening the battery compartment, the inside was damp with brown battery goo, but not dripping wet. At first I thought it was the result of a flood, but after cleaning the compartment, rinsing with a bit of fresh water, and drying the strobe continued to function. I finally reached the conclusion that one the brand new Energizer 2450 mAH batteries exploded sometimes between the second and third dive. Inspection of the batteries showed that the positive terminal of one of them was indeed loosely attached. Fortunately the strobe continued to function for the rest of the trip.

Has anyone else experience this type of failure?

How corrosive are the residues form the exploded battery? I cannot clean out every last bit of it.