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In Topic: Time For A Major Philosophy Change?

02 March 2012 - 04:55 PM

I've always been mystified by the "purists" who insisted the essence of a photo was limited to what was captured by a mechanical/electronic device at a point in time. Full disclosure: I grew up in the digital era.

Also, photographers like Ansel Adams might have a thing or two to say about this, as he used every darkroom technique available to him to execute on his artistic vision and show the world the beauty and majesty of his subject matter in print. Photo capture was just step 1. Post processing in the darkroom was just another piece of his artistic workflow towards an end product. Why should it be any different today through computers.

I guess I have a relatively simplistic view on art....an artist is allowed any tool available to present his/her artistic vision. All the fancy tools in the world don't make the artist...but they may make it more possible that he/she will be able to execute on a unique idea. For example...I have spent days trying to put together HDR images! Just because there are new and fancy tools, doesn't mean its any easier!

BTW...I'd rather see a cropped photo of a tiny rare subject than see the aftermath of "purists" who thrashed a coral/sea fan/gorgonian in order to get that "perfect" shot!

In Topic: Photographers with pony tanks, question?

29 August 2011 - 10:47 AM

Pony bottles are meant to be an independent "bail out": essentially a failsafe for a first-stage failure. Some divers use a similarly rigged bottle to carry oxygen-enriched gas mix for accelerated decompression.

I have to admit that, before the TSA stole it on the way back from Palau, I would use my pony bottle to potter around the reef after doing my safety stop...




I'm not sure why TSA would take the pony, unless you kept the valve attached. In which case, they could have assumed it was pressurized and removed it from the luggage (no pressurized cylinders allowed). I've been travelling with my 6cuft "buddy" for years with the valve spun off and in a ziploc. This pretty much guarantees a manual inspection will be done (giant metal blob on the xray), but that's about it. Bummer for you, regardless.

As to the original configuration question, I just use my existing drysuit argon mount on the backplate (left side, upside down) for the 6 (purely a shallow, recreational bailout). Its just behind my hip, easily accessible, self-removeable (unlike most cam band mounts) and doesn't interfere with anything. I just found the cam band mounts too annoying when you're trying to move the rig to a fresh tank on a pitching boat.

If I'm diving with a larger 30-40cuft aluminum pony/deco bottle, its slung on the left hand side and is also not a problem for photography. In a horizontal position, the 1st stage is hanging out of the way, just under your left shoulder. A steel pony might be fine on your back (IDK, never done it), but it is so negatively buoyant, it would be a nightmare for trim if slung.