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In Topic: FS: Strobes Inon 240 type 3 -two brand new in box

18 June 2010 - 07:14 AM

do you have any arms/cables avaliable?

No arms or cables. They have the Z1 ball connector for using with ULCS/TLC arms. The Z240's were bought as replacements for my Z220's, but I don't need them now.

In Topic: FS: Strobes Inon 240 type 3 -two brand new in box

03 June 2010 - 05:31 AM

I have two Inon Z240 Type 3 strobes for sale. Brand new in boxes - never used. Asking $725 each.

Please PM if interested.

These are still for sale. They have the Z-1 arm attachments for mounting to TLC/ULCS. Please PM with reasonable offer if interested.

In Topic: Have 60mm on DX do I need 105 VR

12 March 2010 - 06:56 PM

"Have dived the west end of Grand Bahamas before for 3 days but didn't do Tiger beach. Really looking forward to it. Was just thinking might be nice to do a bit of macro at night."

Darragh, I think I met you on a trip to West End on the Gulfstream Eagle several years ago. ?

I use a 105 macro on the D300 a lot. For doing a night dive on say the Sugar Wreck, a 60 macro would be fine if that's all you've got, but I think I rather have the 105, if only for the range and for the really teeny stuff. For limited use, I'm not sure if its worth it to spring for a brand new 105, but if you could pick up a used 105 for a decent price, then I'd definitely go for a 105. You would most likely also need a port extension (there goes more $).

just my 2 cents, and most of all enjoy your trip.


In Topic: Canon D10 deepest depth? :)

02 March 2010 - 05:44 PM

cheers yea, im wordering if its worth getting one because for the price they have what i need and the main reason is because their small and compact this is really the main reason why im interested.
know of anyone thats had personal experience?

I think your question has more answers in another forum thread here since there is another one for dedicated UW digicams. However, I happen to be very happy with my D10, I love it. The image quality is great. It goes diving alongside my housed D300 on shallow dives but I would not risk taking it deeper than its rating since I don't have 300 bucks to toss in the ocean just to find out!

In Topic: The new Canon Powershot D10

02 March 2010 - 05:27 PM

I hear ya, but you are not really comparing apples to apples. The Canon is aimed at a different market, it is built for being dropped, rafting, snorkeling & just generally kinda getting beat up. It was released nearly a year ago and the price is more than 100 less. If I really wanted to shift my focus to UW HD video, I would buy a real camera!