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In Topic: Hugyfot D7000 kit for sale

06 February 2012 - 01:27 AM

Hello, Prices and part numbers as follows

HUGYFOT Housing for Nikon D7000 - inc Hugycheck

Flat port Glass - L 90 / D 100 - (Includes dust caps)

Fisheye Port Acrylic - L 25 / D 174

Shipping at cost anywhere - or pretty much
please pm for pics


Hello ,

i m intrested, what will be the price for only the housing ?
shipping to Belgium ....

my email gery@akanta.be

In Topic: full power with my ds 125 ikelite strobes

28 March 2011 - 01:44 PM

The cords ikelite marks with a blue band are the ttl ones, so i am not sure what you are saying.



Sync Cords for
Digital SLR Cameras
in Non Ikelite Housings

Nikonos protocol strobes do not operate TTL with most of the new digital cameras. These cameras may lock-up completely when sensing a standard strobe. These special 2-conductor sync cords allow our SubStrobes to operate in manual mode and provide fractional powers when used with a non-Ikelite housing.

These cords should be used for most digital camera installations in non-Ikelite camera housings with Nikonos bulkheads: Nexus, Seacam, Aquatica, Sea & Sea, Subal, et al. The Manual Controller can be utilized in conjunction with these sync cords to provide 10 power settings in half-stop increments with any DS model SubStrobe.

Please note that 5-conductor #4104.6 and #4104.62 sync cords look similar, but should not be connected to non-TTL digital systems. These cords should only be used to connect Ikelite TTL SubStrobes with Nikonos IV & V systems, film cameras in non-Ikelite housings, or compatible digital SLR cameras used with non-Ikelite TTL adapters & housings.

Use of Ikelite TTL adapters with compatible non-Ikelite digital SLR systems requires #4103.51 and #4103.52 digital sync cords identifiable with their blue band.

I think this is the problem , old cables and websites ......

In Topic: full power with my ds 125 ikelite strobes

28 March 2011 - 12:12 PM


the housing is hugyfot housing, no ttl module inside , .......


From the factory Hugyfot i had some help , in the think work. So it wasn t the housing, i have no ttl , so ..... this night i was looking for a solution , using my one strobe cord. And i found out that the strobe himself was working fine.

I saw a big difference between 1/8 1/4 1/2 and full power, so trobes were working fine to.

It could only be the dual cord from ikelite and YES , i have the wrong one.

NO TTL means a dual cord with BLUE marks on it. i never needed , used all the power, except last weekend, i was playing with a 105 mm macro lens, 2x converter and diop +4 in dark water ..... so my need for light was high.

I m happy i found it , hope , if somebody else has the same problem, this can help :-)


In Topic: full power with my ds 125 ikelite strobes

28 March 2011 - 02:27 AM

With the knob on the strobes set to the manual positions, I don't think the cable has anything to do with the output. I it just gives the fire command, any quench signal should be ignored.

If you are using the manual controls on the back of an Ike camera housing with the strobes set to TTL, it might be a different story.


the housing is hugyfot housing, no ttl module inside , .......


In Topic: full power with my ds 125 ikelite strobes

27 March 2011 - 09:40 PM

If I recall correctly, the TTL selection is right beside the full power on the power switch. Is it possible that you are just turning the switch a little too far, so that is in TTL mode, rather than full power? (I was going to suggest that the switch might be faulty, but if you are seeing it on both strobes, that would seem unlikely...)


good morning,
thx for the answer , but, i dont think the problem is in the strobes, the buttons are correct , it is just as they don t receve the correct question for power....... could it be , i m ussing a twin connection .... starting from one connection and than split to two strobes ? that the cable is not good ?

Or is in the housing..... i m not using a ttl module , i just want all the power witch is in the strobes ....