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UW Nikon Wide angle lens recommendations???

10 December 2006 - 06:46 AM

Hello all,

Pardon if this topic has been discussed already, but I could not find it in search.....

I just took the plunge and bought a Nikon D80 and new S&S housing for it. I previously used a Nikon F100, and have 60mm 105mm and 24-50mm lenses for UW use. I was happy before, but now NEED a wide angle lens that I can use UW (and hopefully topside, too).

Underwater the fisheye look is fine, but I really don't like it for topside shots that are not around water, and will definitely want to use it away from water too. Unfortunately, I have yet to win the lottery, so I would hope to get use in and out of the water with the same wide angle lens.

My Wide angle UW use would be mostly for large animals, and reef scenes, and less so for wreck photography.

I have looked at the Nikon 10.5mm, 12-24mm, Sigma 15mmFE as options. Can you get rid of the "fisheye" look in, say, Photoshop????

What is the one best lens that might fit my needs???