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In Topic: Sony HDR-HC1/HVR-A1 and housings

04 November 2005 - 03:57 PM

The professional version of the camera, the HVR-A1, for about $700 more, has a user-programmable button that can be assigned one of several functions including manual white balance. A simple mechanical control can then actuate this. I spoke with Ike at Ikelite about this and they have added the button to their HC1/A1 housing. So you can buy a much less expensive housing and still have manual white balance, but the flip side is you have to buy the more expensive version of the camera. Incidentally, this is the approach Light and Motion has taken. They were unable to get white balance through LANC and have added a mechanical button for white balance that only works on the A1 version. With the A1 version you get XLR jacks and phantom power, plus a few other nice features.

Nice thing about the Ikelite is the removable external wide angle lens (Inon) with a flat port under it. Combined with the very powerful macro capabilities of this camera, you have anything from extreme macro to wide angle on one dive. It doesn't have the convenience of an internal flip filter though, so you need to carry an external one. I think the Ikelite currently has the most functionality of all the housings for this camera right now, and the price point is terrific. Of course, it's not as "sexy" as amphibico...