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Largest Marine Reserve in Atlantic, "Blue Halo", proposed for Bermuda

11 August 2013 - 08:08 AM

Hi Guys,


The Associated Press have carried a story with my pics about the hopeful creation of a massive marine reserve around Bermuda:


AP story on The Washington Post


I shot pics of Phillipe Cousteau (Jacques' grandson) diving here in Bermuda (via the Pew Charitable Trusts) and the AP used a couple other pics of mine in the story too. I'm a bit surprised they used my reef/trumpetfish shot as the cover image. 


Just to be clear, as the cover image might be a touch misleading, the "Blue Halo" would be a pelagic reserve, with its inner boundary well outside Bermuda's reefs & fishing grounds. It would then extend to the edge of our 200mile EEZ. Its designed to protect against foreign vessels pillaging our part of the sargasso sea for pelagic catches like tuna and shark fins. The evidence is very clear that they are doing such. 


I was a bit chuffed to see the story in the "Top News" section of the AP mobile app today.