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Switching to optical sync. D810 continuous release with pop-up flash???

17 April 2016 - 11:31 AM



I'm upgrading (D700 -> D810 Aquatica) and will have hybrid sync ports (1 electric, 1 optical). New to optical, been shooting for years with manual electric sync.


I don't yet have the D810, but my topside D800 (& D700) won't fire continuously with the pop up flash even when set to manual minimum power. It fires as if the camera's set to 'Single' release. If I repeatedly press the shutter I can fire it around 2fps for a few secs until the flash needs to charge. Close the pop up and the camera fires continuously. 


Yes I'm set to 'Continuous', not 'Single', release. Pop up flash set to 'Manual' at lowest power. Do not have redeye or rear curtain on. 


I'm also curious if anyone can lay out the other electric vs optical sync pros/cons. I'm sure its been discussed before but I can't find any good summary. I've read references to a 'nikon pop up flash problem' without detail. 


I understand pop up flash limitations exist. I thought perhaps a slower continuous release but not to be forced into single release. I don't really care about TTL though may try it out for macro. I have read about some mini led hotshoe optical triggers. Experiences with those?


I may just stick with electric release. I like the ability to shoot fast bursts.


*FYI I am a topside pro and been shooting UW for years. Please, I don't need a lesson in the basics or my motivations for continuous release questioned. Though perhaps there's a camera setting I am missing here. I've never really used my cameras' built in flash, always external ones.


Any advice is much appreciated. Cheers,






5mm wetsuit that says warm topside

28 November 2015 - 04:14 PM

Hi Guys and Gals,


I'm looking for recommendations on a 5mm suit that can be kept on topside for long periods while wet. At times I'm in and out of the water all day. Obviously most normal neoprene gets cold and clammy and is worthless.


My first 5mm that accomplished this task was a henderson gold core. The build quality was crap but that liner material was amazing, if a bit stiff. Went through 2 or 3 of those suits. They don't exist anymore. 


My current 5mm (that just ripped) is a Pinnacle Merino stretchy suit. The merino lining is great - it doesn't stay quite as warm as my old gold core, but is built and fits better. Still it does the job of staying warm topside and is my top contender for a replacement. 


Can anyone suggest other suits? I'm particularly interested in any linings similar to the old henderson gold core.