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In Topic: Nauticam NA-D500 for Nikon D500

Today, 08:54 AM

They are shipping now, but my guess is that dealers are filling preorders placed in January...  Shipping forecasts will have to come from individual dealers based on their order queues.

In Topic: Nauticam NA-D500 for Nikon D500

Today, 07:49 AM

The currently shipping YS-250 work with the standard manual trigger, fired optically.


There were some very early YS-250 strobes that were not compatible optically with our previous LED flash trigger.  The updated part in D5 and D500 has more power, but we haven't been able to test those early units unfortunately (because we don't have them any  longer).  We are hopeful that these recent updates allow all YS-250 to be triggered optically (manual power).

In Topic: Nauticam NA-D500 for Nikon D500

Today, 05:55 AM

The standard LED flash trigger that ships in these housings is manual only.  


An accessory part, #26307, TTL Converter for Nikon (Compatible with NA-D5/D500, Sea & Sea YS-D and Inon Strobes), $430 is available to add TTL functionality with Sea & Sea YS-D1, YS-D2, Inon D-2000, S-2000, Z-240.  


Future revisions or iterations of that part are planned to support Sea & Sea YS-250, and Ikelite DS-160/DS-161.  


The TTL Converter supports both optical and electrical triggering.  With the currently compatible flashes, we recommend optical triggering for the best performance and accuracy.  YS-250 and DS-160 don't have optical/slave TTL functionality, so they'll require electrical triggering.

In Topic: 5D Mark III / Nikon Lens Underwater housing

15 May 2016 - 06:01 AM

This could be done in virtually any housing as long as you accept some functionality compromise, and are adventurous with DIY gearing, or are willing to pay dearly for custom stuff.


You need two lens controls - Aperture, and Focus, for total control.


Only Seacam has two lens controls on the housing body.  So theoretically in that housing you could have full lens control.


Another option would be to just preset aperture, and create a focus gear.  This is far more commonly done in these kind of installs, and this can be done in basically any housing.

In Topic: Switching to optical sync. D810 continuous release with pop-up flash???

10 May 2016 - 01:54 PM

The OP is asking about what I consider to be a Nikon weakness, and that regardless of flash recycle time, you have to pull the trigger once for one frame when the flash is popped up.  In other words there is no such thing as continuous shooting mode when the internal flash is popped up.


This is one reason that manual led triggers have been created for some housings...  Pavel's TTL Converter is actually a very good manual trigger as well, I share his enthusiasm.