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Embedding For Search?

15 March 2007 - 10:23 AM

Does anybody know of a way of "tagging" an images either in the file naming convention or in the metadata so that google images can find them? I've had all kinds of people swiping my images from Flickr and my personal site. I try to keep them low rez, but I'm reluctant to watermark, just a pet peeve of mine.

Mask Diopters?

14 March 2007 - 02:44 PM

Hey all,

This should probably be in the beginners forum, but I can't see my whole frame in my housing. I'm shooting a 5D in an Aquatica housing. I can't see anywhere near the whole frame. I read that some people use +2 diopters in one side on their masks to see the smaller details on the LCD screen. Would this help in seeing more of the viewfinder? It's driving me crazy because I can't really work on composition, let alone see my exposure indicator. I'm basically chimping exposure, but this really doesn't work for things that, well, move. Lots of cards full of tube anemones so far. Oh, I'm right handed but left eye dominate if that helps at all. I've been drooling over Aquatica's magnifier, but I cant really drop $1500 on it. Any ideas?



YS-110's To little for macro work?

11 February 2007 - 12:37 PM

Hey all,

This is a total newbie question. I'm shooting to YS-110's with a housed 5D. With macro, I could only stop down to about f16 @ ISO400 with both strobes at full power. Is this normal? I'd like to get at least another stop out of them at ISO100. Is this an strobe placement issue? I'm aiming them above the lens and slightly down to wash the subject with the edge of the beam. I do have the diffusers on both, but I can't imagine that a guide number of 32 could only be putting out this much light. I thought it might be a sync issue, but I slowed the shutter down to 1/100th to be sure and could only eek f16 out of both of them. What do you think? I shot this shrimp this way. Not to much post work on it.



Just need to vent a little.

07 January 2007 - 05:05 PM

Hey all,

I think I've pin pointed a new trend in the customer service industry. Companies have figured out that it's allot more cost effective to hire someone to prevent you from getting any customer service than it is to actually PROVIDE said service. Simple when you think about it. And it can lead to some really surreal post-modern conversations that are kind of funny if... Well, if there not happing to you. Case in point:

I finally was able to order a housing, ports, strobes, the whole shmear, on December 20th hoping to use it on a trip January 10th. Thus began my ordeal that would be tedious to relate, but not half as tedious as it was to undergo. Let's just say, I won't be taking my shiny new housing and strobes. No, my shiny new housing and strobes will be sitting on the tarmac in Omaha as I zip up my dry suit in Monterey. Why you ask? The conversation this morning went something like this.

B&H: "It shipped today."

ME: "First of all, that's what you've been saying for two weeks. Second, no it didn't. It's Sunday. UPS doesn't pick up on Sunday. It's sitting in your warehouse isn't it?"

A long pause.

B&H: "Um... Yes."

ME: "Great, you can still change the shipping on it so I can get it by Tuesday night, right?"

B&H: "Um... No."

ME: "Why not? Your probably less than a hundred yards from my box right now aren't you?"

B&H: "Yes."

ME: "But you can't change the shipping label on it?"

B&H: "No."

ME: "Why not?"

B&H: "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do."

ME: "Yes there is. You can print a new label and put it on the box."

B&H: "I'm sorry. It's physically impossible."

ME: "Physically impossible?"

B&H: "Yes."

ME: "You have the box. You have a printer. The intervening space is not filled with zombies or anything is it?"

B&H: "No."

ME: "Killer bees?"

B&H: "No."

ME: "Then I... Why not just... &^%$ it."

B&H: "Thank you for calling B&H."


Physically impossible? If your going to go to these lengths of mess with me, at least make it entertaining. Tell me that my YS-110's have been sitting in the warehouse so long that they mated and had a litter of YS-27's. Tell me a radioactive chimp is swinging my Ultralite arms around his head wildly, clubbing anyone who gets near him with a clipboard. Come up with something that actually IS physically impossible instead of implying that, due to a combination of laziness and lack of job satisfaction, getting out of your chair to solve a problem that's entirely your fault has become "physically impossible."

Grrrr... If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.

Wireless Wrist Computers Anyone?

11 December 2006 - 05:14 PM


All my gear got stolen out of my car a while back and I'm replacing it. Does anybody dive with a wireless, air integrated computer? I've heard that strobe pops break the link between the transmitter and receiver. Does anybody have this problem? I teach allot, and like to be able to keep an eye on my gauges and a hand ready to grab wayward open water students. This last break in pretty much makes two things clear: I hate Southern California and my dog Tucker is never going to be a K9 officer when he grows up. ;)