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In Topic: Housing rinsing techniques

01 November 2013 - 12:42 PM

Hi all,


The discussion over on the Airlock thread has come round to the topic of housing rinsing.


This has been discussed on here before, but not for some time, so I felt a new thread is appropriate.


My own practice is to only rinse the housing at the end of the day's diving, typically with camera  and lens removed. I will often do this in the shower-when I am rinsing myself too!


My rationale on this is:


1. I am loath to run the risk of a rinse bucket flood. Once the camera and lens are removed, they and (perhaps more crucially) the images from the dive are not at risk.

2. My housing is anodized so is protected against any short term corrosive effects of sea water. Actually, it has sacrificial anodes too.

3. Any salt crystal formation is external to seals-the seal itself precludes the ingress of salty water from getting under it. 

4. Rinse buckets are often quite full of salt anyway-depending on how often the water is changed.

5. Anecdotal evidence suggest that boat crews and other divers seem to have an uncanny knack of helping flood housings by twisting ports, undoing latches etc.


I do give my housings a "long soak" once I am at home-normally by diving with them in fresh water.


What do others do?




Always carry a spray bottle of "Salt Away" .. stuff I use to rinse out my outboard engine... works great.. then when done and going to put away, wipe on tire shine, and put all my arm joints (ultra lite stuff) in a plastic bad with a lot of tire shine and seal it up till next time. My stuff looks better than new. Makes everything shine and smooth working better than new. Only other tip is smell some different brands, some have really nice smell some smell oily..